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Stranded on an enormous deep space cargo freighter with unlimited food and resources and over two hundred pleasure androids subservient to your every wish. Heaven or Hell? Wenton is about to find out.



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An enormous deep space cargo freighter crash-lands on a desolate alien planet. The only crew member, a lowly young caretaker. Wenton.

With all transmissions blocked by the thick atmosphere and with supplies running low, Wenton is forced to break into the restricted cargo hold where he finds a lifetime supply of food, but also a hibernation pod.

Inside is Evelyn, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. An aspiring actress/model on her way with the rest of the cargo to Paradise, a private resort for the wealthy elite.

Wenton quickly finds himself falling in love with Evelyn, who to his surprise returns his affection. But his joy is short lived when he learns that Evelyn is an advanced pleasure android who has imprinted Wenton as her primary user.

Heartbroken, Wenton discovers there are dozens more pleasure androids stored in the cargo hold. Still angry with himself for falling for Evelyn, he loses himself to indulgence. But the abundance of physical pleasure still leaves him empty.

Through Evelyn, a darker revelation is revealed. The Andies in cargo are just the tip of the iceberg. An entire line is being constructed by the wealthy elite who plan to replace every human being across the colonies with their more preferred populace. Men and women who are not only physically perfect but will follow their every command and consume no resources.

Unable to send a warning and falling into deeper despair, Wenton attempts to end his life but is stopped by Evelyn, who will not allow any harm to come to her primary user. Wenton resists but is pursued by the Andies until he is cornered and captured.

With no options left, Wenton accepts his fate and finds a new means of escape. Assigning roles and personalities to each of the Andies, he creates his own “Paradise” within the confines of the ship, a fantasy utopia where all are treated fairly.

For several years he immerses himself in his make-believe world, living not as a king or ruler, but a normal everyday man. But the day finally comes when a transmission is received. A security team have tracked the lost ship and will arrive in a matter of days to retrieve the valuable cargo.

Terrified of losing his perfect new world, Wenton orders the Andies to repair the damaged ship so they can escape into a nearby nebula. But in the chaos of the operation all of the Andies are lost to the hostile conditions of the planet, including his wife of many years, Evelyn.

Once again alone and adrift through space, Wenton finds one last Andie stored away. The beautiful woman offers him a lifetime of happiness, a new paradise, leaving Wenton with one final choice. Another blissful fantasy or the possibility of saving the entire human race.

Aware of the consequences, Wenton sends an open transmission to all of the colonies and resigns himself to hibernation. He has dreamt enough.

Cast Away meets The Shining and Ex Machina, Andies is a psychological science fiction survival thriller that offers a fresh take on the robot genre. Avoiding the usual tropes of self aware machines, Andies focuses on the mental toll of social isolation, the lure of materialism, and the dangers of extreme wealth inequality.

All Accolades & Coverage: 

- Quarter-finalist, Shore Scripts Feature Contest (2022)
- Second Round, Drama Feature, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2022)
- Semi-finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Suspense Screenplay Competition (2022)
- Semi-finalist, ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition (2022)
- Semi-finalist, Fade In Awards Sci-Fi Competition (2022)
- Semi-finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition (2022)
- Quarter-finalist, Outstanding Screenplays Feature Competition (2022)
- Quarter-finalist, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards (2022)
- Semi-finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, Fall 2021 (2022)
- Quarter-finalist, The Script Lab Screenplay Contest (2022)
- Quarter-finalist, ScreenCraft Feature Competition (2021)
- Quarter-finalist, Shore Scripts Feature Contest (2021)
- Quarter-finalist, Stage 32 Action/Thriller Screenwriting Contest (2021)
- Semi-finalist, ISA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplay Competition (2021)

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Submitted: April 4, 2022
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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The Writer: Mehul Desai

UK based Science Fiction screenwriter. Winner of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards (Grand Prize) and Finalist for Final Draft Big Break 2022. A graduate in Film Theory & Production, Mehul has written and directed several short films funded by the UK Film Council before focusing primarily on feature film screenwriting. In 2009, Mehul won the Grand Prize at the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards for his science fiction mystery thriller Progeny. He has since garnered over 40 festival and contest accolades (including Final Draft Big Break, BlueCat, ScreenCraft and American Zoetrope). Between 2020-22, Mehul was hired by Voyage Media (Los Angeles) to adapt an original science... Go to bio

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