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Angels in the Shadows, by Joseph Blanche
A young lady and a veteran combat tracking dog search for two missing girls and find themselves on the trail of a vicious serial killer.

When Amy (15) and Rita (8) disappear from their home, the media believes that they could be the latest victims of a potential serial killer that is stalking the area.

Krissy (17) has been learning to handle and train K-9's from the best, Captain Henderson, and his top dog Sarge, a veteran Combat Tracker. She and Sarge join the search for Amy and Rita. Sarge recreates their last moments before the girls' disappearance by retracing their steps.

On the trail, Krissy discovers evidence that Donny, her brother, and another man have kidnapped the girls and left the area in a vehicle.

Amy has died during the kidnap attempt. Donny endangers himself to give Rita food, water and medicine, and ultimately to escape.

Krissy visits Rita in the hospital. They bond and share a wish to become sisters.

Rita has a hemorrhage while alone with her parents. She's rushed into emergency surgery. Krissy is knocked down by an orderly as they exit with Rita. Burton and Evelyn, discover Krissy and take her into the room to comfort her. Not recognizing Krissy as the tracker, they question her. When they ask Krissy her name, Evelyn realizes that one of the supposed kidnappers had the same name. The parents, who were indebted to Krissy the day before, are filled with hatred for her. Evelyn attacks Krissy. Burton gives her a pocket full of money and tells her not to come around his family again.

Later, with the help of Nurse Shake, Evelyn comes to realize that Rita needs Krissy to help with her recovery, but Burton will hear none of this. He goes to Janet, Krissy's mom, and trys to pay them to leave. Janet refuses. Burton threatens her and her husband with prison for crimes he's learned about from Krissy speaking to Evelyn. Janet has a better idea. She shoots Burton twice.

Rita is re-kidnapped from the hospital, and the kidnapper eludes the police, escaping into the woods during a heavy thunderstorm. Krissy and Sarge track them down. Krissy and the kidnapper fight, and Krissy is saved from him when Sarge takes the knife that was intended for her.

Rita and another victim Janie (10) are saved, but Sarge dies.

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The Writer: Joseph Blanche

I began writing my first novel, Angel in the Shadows, while I was sitting in a prison cell doing 99 years for burglary of a building. Hemingway said, "The first draft of anything is shit." The sixteenth draft of Angel in the Shadows was still shit. I was determined, but I was missing necessary pieces of the craft. I got a copy of Writing and Selling Your Novel, by Jack Bickham, studied it thouroughly, and revised my novel. It was accepted for publication by the first two publishers who read it

I've since studied screenwriting, and studied bestselling scripts in several genres. I have applied a wealth of street knowledge and behavioral science in my work to create character based... Go to bio

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