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my novel, Aquarius
After Lucy's parents are killed, she's sent a key to a Florida house, with instructions to find her true identity. She discovers Project Blueprint, and the war to save humanity.

In one of many tents grouped in the desert, Lucy, a 30's London girl, writes the first page of her journal.
Our world, is a tiny scratch on the face of the universe. You’d think that we are irrelevant, but I know things that will soon change our tiny planet. Things so big, that mankind will take a leap into discovery. The truth of how we came to be, will come to light. Ignorance is bliss? No way. It’s repressed information we have a right to know. Our existence is based on lies, and I, Lucy Moore, of sound mind and body, will tell you why. Many people lost their lives on the way to the truth, and many more will yet. At this time, we are at war, but not the public war. I am talking about the elite using terrorism and dictatorship as an excuse to control us. The real war hides in the shadows, the war to save the human race. So I’ll just let you into my secret. Not all of us are the human race.
We go backwards to London and her council flat where she lives with her parents. As she leaves for her office job, she has a creeping feeling across her head, which has been regularly, and her father is worried she is ill. Her mother insists she is never ill, and puts it down to stress. Whilst at work her parents meet their neighbours, who secretly watch over them. Her parents are worried when they are followed by a rental car, and see it again on another occasion.They discuss it with Matt and Terry.
Lucy comes home one night, has a heart to heart with Maria, her mother, deciding she wants more than her boring life. Another dull day at work, but for Maria and Edward, it is their last day alive.
The couple are followed in their car, and driven off the road to their death. They had a minute to call Matt, and tell him, to look after Lucy. They pick her up from work, as Edward usually did, and have to pretend her parents are out shopping, as she has to find out like it was an accident. At her parents funeral, a wreath has been left with a card stating that they were not her parents.She then goes home to find a post card from Florida and a package with a key to Florida house, a plane ticket for the next day, and wad of dollars from an uncle she never knew she had. Her uncle states her parents were murdered, and she must search to find out who she really is.
Lucy is surprisingly met by her neighbours who just happen to be going to the airport to work the next day, and they secretly make sure she safely starts her journey. On arrival she find more clues, and a business card for a detective agency. She asks for Albert Harris when calling, but his son answers as Albert is dead. He cannot believe who she is as he was given a letter for her by his father, and instructed to give her if he should die.
They meet and find Albert's file on Project Blueprint, and their experiments to make the perfect human, who is never sick. A letter states they are also in danger as Albert was murdered along with her parents. Meanwhile, Luke's brother Jason is on a stakeout regarding a Politician and his ex wife stealing a file to sell.He enters the office whilst Luke and Lucy search the net for Blueprint, finding a website and the lab in California. Luke takes Lucy to an ATM, as she was left a credit card, to find out she has half a million dollars!The card is in her uncles name.
They spend the night together, going through new found files, and a photo of a couple with her parents.They find out the family had fled from Florida when Lucy was 5.Probably to escape the project wanting their child back. Lucy of course has never been ill, so Luke believes Blueprint still exists. He settles down to sleep on Lucy's sofa, but outside 2 men approach the house with guns...Episode 2 will follow...

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The Writer: Tina Balli

Studied at LCCA, creative media, where I wrote 'Spotted Dick, the Musical,' a comedy short, in song! Check it on my YouTube channel, LEMONADE BUDGET, where I also have crafty tutorials..  I self published 4 novels. creator of 'the demon realm', tarot deck and book. all available to buy online. Studied occult for 40 years, so my writing reflects this. my books are, 'Aquarius', Tarot of the Demons', Isabella Black Heart', and 'The Tunnel.' I am a professional artist. You can see my art on deviantart, pinterest, under 'demoncreator. Check out my fb page 'demon realm tarot.' I have been writing since a child, 1st having poems published. I attended a script course with 'Raindance', many years... Go to bio

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