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Ashanti Maroon

Kidnapped and sold into slavery, the first female Ashanti African Chief wages war against the British in 18th century Jamaica.



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The peaceful life of Chief Nanny of the Ashanti Tribe in West Africa is destroyed, when a rival tribe raids their village in the year 1718, and sells them to British slave traders. They endure a treacherous journey in the dungeon-like belly of the ship across the Atlantic Ocean, where Nanny leads a mutiny, but freedom eludes them.

They arrive in Jamaica and are auctioned off to the most ruthless plantation owner on the island, Sir Edward. Life on the plantation involves daily whippings and casual hanging. When Sir Edward leaves on business, Nanny leads a rebellion that kills Sir Edward’s family and destroys his plantation. Nanny and her people escape to the mountains, and establish Maroon village.

Their new peaceful existence is short-lived, when Sir Edward leads the massive Red Coat army up the mountain after them. Doubt sets in, Nanny deviates from her plan and attacks the Red Coats in their camp, falling right into the trap Sir Edward set. Defeated, Nanny flees back to the village and reverts to ancient Ashanti guerilla warfare in one of the most violent battles in Jamaica’s history.

In 1976, Chief Nanny was declared the only National Heroine of Jamaica. The Jamaican $500 note bears her image on it and is locally referred to as a “NANNY”. The Maroons still live in the Jamaican mountains today.

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Big Break 2020, Quarter-Finalist

Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay 2021, Quarter-Finalist

Submitted: May 23, 2021
Last Updated: July 26, 2021

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The Writer: Natalie Duncan

After college and a career in marketing, I completed a screenwriting program at Vancouver Film School. I then became a retail business owner and continued writing in my free time. Creating my script ASHANTI MAROON has been the most rewarding professional experience. I am very happy with the response it has received and look forward to seeing it on the screen one day. Go to bio