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After an explosive meeting, a woman agrees to go on a talk show to challenge it's popular host. Their interaction started well, with laughter, clever quips, and applause. But ends in disbelief, shock and silence.

Athena Cole (20s) watches television while cleaning her apartment. Unfortunately, she turns to the Hayden Rock Show. The topic dehumanized and victimized the poor. Lumping all of them into lazy no-good bums! This was so offensive to Athena that she ended up at her favorite store for some "retail therapy"!

While at the store, she meets the host of the show Hayden Rock. Sparks fly immediately! Hayden ends up inviting Athena to his show as his challenger. At first, Athena refused but on a dare, she accepts.

The day of the taping arrives, Athena heads to the studio straight from a business trip. While waiting to go on, Athena watches Hayden, his two experts, and the studio audience bully two women from the moment they got up on stage.

When Athena gets up on stage, Hayden's only goal is to humiliate and destroy her and Athena's is to give Hayden a taste of his own medicine. Their interaction started well, with lots of laughter, clever quips, and applause but ends in disbelief, shock and silence

This is the pilot of a four-part feature-length movie series.

Submitted: December 21, 2019
Last Updated: September 27, 2020

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The Writer: Inky E

I have a business background and have only ever written as a hobby until now. In fact I started writing as a way of coping with the pressures of my corporate career. Writing allowed me to explore places vast and diverse, creating characters that reminded me of some of the people in my daily life. As a new writer, I hope to bring some of these stories to light and at the very least hopefully get feedback whether good or bad about my work as long as it is offered constructively or "NOT" :-). The main thing is that I grow as a writer and mentor new writers like myself when the time comes. I enjoy diversity so my characters, at least the lead are mostly strong female characters. Go to bio

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