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my novel, A Book That Ends With Me
Strange e-mails are predicting the world’s end. Stan Powers finds himself living the bizarre scenes depicted in those messages. To survive, Stan must learn if he is a pawn, or the predictor himself.

1,024,000 people across the world receive e-mails stating that the world will end. Each message predicts an upcoming event cryptically expressed as a denouncement of the world’s moral failings. Stan Powers, an average American guy, ignores the first e-mail until he finds himself living that event. On their way to recover a painting, Stan and his best friend (Jimmy) are chased by an odd woman (Ginny) who is always fishing, trying to “pull them up where they belong.” Stan nearly burns to death in a house fire, and Ginny is set ablaze. Instead of burning, however, she is instantaneously transformed into what Stan feels is a “space-time goddess.” Then she returns to her normal state and goes back to fishing.

At first, Stan just thinks he’s going nuts. Then the second e-mail arrives and Stan finds himself living that cryptic event. Working at a food processing plant, he finds himself shackled and enslaved along with Ginny. Just as the world has changed, so has Ginny, who is now a thoughtful, compelling person. At the end of the work day, Stan and his cohorts escape for freedom. They are crossing a bridge in a stolen truck when police copters destroy it with bombs. When Ginny falls into the water, she again turns into that semi-corporeal space-time goddess. Rising to the surface, she regains her normal state, then goes back to fishing. When Stan gains the surface, he finds himself back inside his office at work, everything normal again.

Stan contacts the press, who don’t believe him, but Jimmy is accosted in a parking lot by a “van babe” who tells him that Stan is part of the world’s end, and Jimmy must help her in order to save the planet. Jimmy, however, remembers nothing, not even after the van babe sexually hypnotizes him and he clearly describes the entire event.

The messages continue to arrive, the world is fascinated, but only Stan and his people manifest the predicted events in their lives: synthesized puppies making patients feel better in a hospital, an underwater race of humans swimming like fish when the Amazon River floods, a baseball game played by Stan and company as Greek gods. After each event, the van babe learns more by hypnotizing Jimmy. When Stan and company find themselves in an epic shopping mall adventure, the van babe manages to join them. Thereafter she tells Jimmy that Ginny is the instrument of the world’s doom and Stan is either the predictor, or the destroyer himself.

The final event brings Darkday, wherein demons go door to door and steal the souls of people whose lives are epic failures. When Stan, Jimmy, and Ginny are trapped in a house waiting for a murderous demon, the van babe arrives. Unseen outside, but heard, she begs Jimmy to kill Ginny and give the world one more day of life. Instead, he shoots the van babe through the door, and Darkday ends. When Stan steps outside with Ginny to the real world, they are shot dead by the van babe. They are both released from life, and so is Earth.

Submitted: April 6, 2017
Last Updated: April 6, 2017

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The Writer: H. C. Turk

I'm a self-taught writer, sound artist, and visual artist living in Florida. My novels have been published by Villard and Tor. My short fiction, sound pieces, videos, and visual art have appeared in numerous magazines, web-sites, podcasts, film festivals, and radio programs. I hate writing bios and résumés. There, I said it. Go to bio

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