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Set in early 2000's suburbia, a high school math teacher's life begins to unravel after discovering his wife's infidelity. Meanwhile, his daughter falls in love with the son of his wife's lover.

BECAUSE THE NIGHT is a dark-tinted coming of age story, set against the backdrop of the midwestern suburbs circa early-2000's. Juxtaposing one relationship coming apart and another one blossoming, BECAUSE THE NIGHT examines themes of infidelity, youth, loss of innocence, and the complications of falling in and out of love.

Our protagonist, CHARLIE KIRKLAND, is a shy teenager coping with the loss of his mother. He has a distant relationship with his father, PAUL KIRKLAND, who is the sheriff of the sleepy midwest suburb that they live in. As prom approaches, Charlie gathers up the courage to ask his crush (KATIE KOHLER) to the dance.

Katie's father, LARRY KOHLER, is Charlie's math teacher. Caught up in an unhappy marriage, Larry begins to suspect that his wife, ELAINE KOHLER, is cheating on him. After hiring a P.I. to trail Elaine, Larry's suspicions are proven true: Elaine is having an affair - with the town's sheriff and Charlie's father, Paul Kirkland. As Larry descends into a maniacal mid-life crisis, he decides to take matters into his own hands, setting out to rectify his crumbling marriage with sinister results.

Meanwhile - unbeknownst to their parents - Charlie and Katie fall in love for the first time, finding comfort from there broken families in each other. As prom approaches, their relationship grows stronger and deeper, encompassing the euphoric and clumsy nature of young love.

BECAUSE THE NIGHT builds to a tense climax that takes place on prom night, in which all of the main character's experience life-altering events that will forever change them - for better and for worse.

With the surreal, dreamy qualities of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES and the tragic disillusionment of AMERICAN BEAUTY, BECAUSE THE NIGHT is a kaleidoscope journey through American suburbia, told through the vessel of complex characters in the twilight of transformation. It's a meditation on love and redemption, as well as a nostalgic snap-shot of middle-class Americana at the turn of the century.

Submitted: March 19, 2019
Last Updated: March 19, 2019

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The Writer: Eric Hehr

Eric Hehr Writer Musician Born and raised in Chicago, IL. Currently in Los Angeles, CA. Interest include history, travel, 35mm photography, tiki cocktails, midcentury modern design, Googie architecture, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Thanks for your time. Go to bio

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