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BIH Please : Drastic times calls for Drastic Measures

After being fired on set, a frustrated and quick-tempered actress desperate to break into Hollywood, drastically changes her appearance to save her career and to avoid being blacklisted by Hollywood.



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Received a consider from Screencraft."

Keisha, a feisty African American 20 something lives with her Asian American roommate June in their unfurnished apartment due to their lack of funds and their artist struggle. Keisha is determined to break into Hollywood, but she's constantly stereotyped as the "angry black chick". She works at a coffee bar to pay the bills (just!). While auditioning for a film, she suggests a line change from BITCH to BIH, which impresses the casting agent and she finally gets her break when she lands the role on the film which stars Denzel Washington. But of course, she's still cast as the angry black woman. The director is a dick and blows up at her for changing the line from BITCH to BIH. She doesn't take it lying down and gives the director a piece of her mind. She's fired.

When she gets home June suggests that in order to get further in her career and life that she don a positive attitude, just like she has. Keisha resists, but is willing to give it a shot. But at a casting, not only does it come across fake, but she's recognized as the crazy woman who got fired from the film and she ends up getting caught peeing in the alleyway and is exposed on the news as an even crazier lady! June's coworker Mark invites her to Karaoke and June invites Keisha to cheer her up.

Keisha goes to Karaoke with June and Jonathan, her white, gay coworker (who gets more tips than her!) and is desperate to forget her problems and find a solution. But she's discriminated against at every turn. She notices how much more attention Jonathan gets and points out that being a white, gay man could get her further in life.

That night she finally comes up with a solution and undergoes a drastic change - she transforms herself into a gay, white man... Brent!

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Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2021

Submitted: July 28, 2021
Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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The Writer: Katrina Jaxson

After one screenwriting class, Katrina jumped head first into the industry. Executive Producing her first script Mark 8:36, was a valuable lesson. Now, having worked 15 years at HBO, learning the industry and great story-telling inside and out, she’s ready to create captivating characters and stories that are multi-dimensional, clever, and most of all unforgettable. Go to bio

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