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Black Belt

When a champion cage fighter opens an MMA gym opposite an established Karate dojo, it's only a matter of time until a fight breaks out.



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After defending his world championship title, MMA fighter, SCOTT SILVER, announces his retirement and plans to teach others, and to 'expose' traditional martial arts for the 'pajama-wearing dance routines'.

Meanwhile, in L.A, Sensei MIKE teaches a class of young Karate students, taking them over kata Bassai Dai and showing some applications from both standing and grounded positions.

With a father in a home for dementia suffers, Mike needs to expand his business to bring in more money. But, after being turned down for a load, Mike has to come up with a new plan to raise money without putting up his prices.

As Scott sets up his gym opposite Mike's dojo, Mike trains alone the old school way.

After teaching a private class with a stuttering student, AARON, Mike sees a leaflet on his dojo door for the opening of 'Silver MMA'.

At the opening of his gym, Scott makes a speech about how MMA differs from everything else, and it's going swimmingly... until he claims it to be the most popular martial art in the world. Mike speaks up to correct him and a friendly back-and-forth discussion unfolds in front of potential students and cameras there to record the event for social media. Scott plays nice and entertains Mike, but it's clearly getting to him. When the talk comes to an end, Scott isn't pleased with the interruption.

During a kids' class, Mike's teaching is interrupted when 5 wannabe tough guys storm the dojo looking to prove something to themselves. When they refuse to leave, Mike is forced to take things into his own hands as they attack him from all sides. He defends himself in class as a child films the fight on her phone.

'MMA Hype' reports on Mike's video and reveals he's the same man seen 'challenging' Scott at the opening of his gym. It brings in some new students and Scott is pissed about it. Talking to 'MMA Hype' Scott tries to brush it off as a 'bunch of drunks' and implies they were probably hired to get beaten up as no charges were filed.

After Mike gets a letter informing him of fee increases for his father's care, he needs to come up with a 'get-rich-quick' idea, fast.

Aaron tells Mike about 'White Collar MMA'. Fights for people with minimal experience to raise money for charity. He wants to give it a try to help increase his confidence and do something to help people in the process. As Mike is more of an escapes specialist than submission, he reluctantly suggests checking out Silver MMA.

During the same day, open seminars, Scott bashes Karate while Mike answers the accusations being made, though sometimes agreeing with the argument.

Scott is unhappy with his 'lackluster' 15 new sign-ups, whereas Mike is more than pleased with signing up the same amount of people, even though at half the price of Silver MMA.

At Aaron's first MMA class, he is picked out by Scott to try some ground escapes. He performs the first two quite easily and Scott learns he is a Karate student and challenges him to one more technique. Scott almost has it and begins a speech about MMA's superiority, but no sooner has he started, Aaron escapes the hold and gets Scott in an arm-bar. Forced to tap, Scott challenges Aaron to take him down and submit him with a different technique, without hitting him. Aaron manages to do so and Scott locks his arms up and punches him in the face unless he taps... then he ignores the tap and keeps punching until Aaron is out.

Mike visits Aaron at his house to see why he didn't turn up to his private lesson to learn about the beating Scott gave him. Mike tries to talk him into going to the police, but Aaron just wants to quit martial arts, pretend it never happened and move on.

When Mike storms into Silver MMA, Scott thinks he's there to pick up his misplaced mail, but Mike is on a mission. He confronts Scott about beating on Aaron in front of the training would-e fighters and makes him look like a bitch. Mike is ready to go, but sees he's outnumbered and leaves. Scott goes to his office, grabs Mike's mail, and calls a number on the letter to cancel the dojo's insurance.

After closing up for the night, a car full of thugs break in and start trashing the place. Discovering he's forgotten something, Mike heads back and interrupts the intruders. Fighting in the dark, Mike takes out the criminals before pulling the mask from one of their faces... and is then hit in the back with a baseball bat.

After giving police a description of the man he saw, he is gold that he is not covered for the damages to the dojo as his policy was canceled.

After seeing a specialist about his back, Mike spots Scott in town... with one of the dojo stormers. He takes pictures on his phone and walks away without being seen.

After finding a letter from Pyramid insurance addressed to '7 Hands Dojo' in Scott's trash and some further investigating, Mike confronts Scott with the evidence. He knows what he did and how he did it and has all the proof he needs t finish him. But he makes Scott a deal: Pay for the damage he caused... and fight him at the 'White Collar MMA' charity event. Scott has no choice.

'MMA Hype' promote the fight as Mike trains the old school way as Scott pounds on heavy bags and spars much younger, less experienced fighters.

After Aaron fights to a draw in his match, Mike and Scott fight. With Mike still suffering from a back injury, Scott is able to take full advantage. But in the final round, he taunts Mike and it does is remind Mike of something he recently taught. Mike snaps into action and uses an application from Bassai Dai to throw Scott through the air, mount him, and trap his arms in an arm-bar. Feeling Scott tap, Mike hides his hands under his own armpit, then punches him in the face as he did to Aaron previously. Scott's arm breaks and the ref steps in to finish it.

After the fight, Mike tells Scott he forgot about justice for Aaron when making their deal... so Mike sent everything to the police before the fight anyway. “Never touch my students.” Scott is met by police as he leaves the cage.

The next day, Mike finds a long line of new customers lining up.

Submitted: February 2, 2019
Last Updated: March 2, 2022

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The Writer: Matthew Mosley

ABOUT ME I am a sold and produced screenwriter from England who writes for all genres but with a passion for (mostly rude) comedy. Outside of film, I enjoy music, martial arts, and stand-up comedy. PRODUCED WORK: Sparrow (2010) (co-writer) (slasher) The Caller Returns (2023, post production) (co-writer) (horror/thriller) (sold via ScriptRevolution, 2019) FINISHED SPECS: American Killer (serial killer thriller) American Losers (teen sex comedy) Bare Knuckle (MMA drama) Black Belt (martial arts action) Cheerleader Bloodbath (black comedy slasher) Flatheads (comedy) Getaway (crime) Let's Make A Porno (teen sex comedy) POWER (true crime) To The Grave (vigilante/revenge thriller) CURRENT... Go to bio

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