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Jacob finds himself at ground zero, after being given a warning from God to act, failing to heed instruction, lands Jacob into the wrong path.



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Sometimes in life the road is dark and lengthy, while illumination always exists at the end of the tunnel. Truly, one's mind is the nucleus to everything else existence, all begins right there. Through space of time, it's a process to achieve mental clarity, abundance of self and high achievement on a spiritual plane - but it’s possible!

One spring day, Jacob owes Mr. Kinko a few hundred dollars, typically Mr. Kinko refuses to wait so acts aggressive against Jacob about it strictly to intimidate. Some days later, Mr. Kinko shows up again and this time has Jacob’s professional equipment plus property appraised, amassing more debt on Jacob’s balance. These sudden actions make no sense to Jacob, however he observes the scenario to learn precisely of Mr. Kinko’s intention and purpose for doing so. Next Mr. Kinko locks up Jacob’s storefront, granting Jacob access only to the back of the property excluding Jacob’s store area. Jacob has a balance to pay to Mr. Kinko.

Jacob doesn’t understand how Mr. Kinko expects him to pay it, while deliberately he has locked up his storefront area, these are the games Mr. Kinko plays when he doesn’t gain what he desires when he wants it. Jacob is faithful to his obligation to pay Mr. Kinko, however due to his type of business being one of luxury and not of necessity, clients aren’t too eager to pay their debt, for goods they have already gained value from. The field of photography can be seasonal at times, fashioning tighter months than others throughout each year of operation.

Being the evil man Mr. Kinko is; eventually the spirit of the enemy enters in, and Jacob must fully vacate the premises, his only livelihood and business. At the time, Jacob’s lady Monet, an art designer, is visiting from Florida. Now, Jacob has no access to the property he calls home and his business location. Because of money, Mr. Kinko turned evil to gain, despite that Jacob is a fine chap, genuinely ambitious in his pursuits. Mr. Kinko says Jacob never paid him rent for 1 year, which is a full-blown lie. Inside Jacob suspects more wrong about Mr. Kinko and his intentions of heart, a secret jealousy, to do with his profession and innate skill set as a professional photographer, it’s not just about a few hundred dollars but about envy.

In the blink of an eye everything changes, before you in the present now exists another life, another day, a different thought, a happening so sudden can crash the mind, shatter the thoughts and fatigue the human mind to BLACKOUT!

Through much hard work and gradual development Jacob built his own success from the ground up, from scratch, from nothing, his very own way, consistently saving and investing his money, he rides a bicycle by choice and not a car, regardless he escalates to success receiving a degree of high regard.

Naturally, life has its ups and downs, but one who owns a business constantly lives in responsibility of mind. Owning your own business has its perks, but businesses operate by active client participation, anything less creates life uncertainties for many owners. Entrepreneurs invest in their venture to bank and expand, not to lose! With the lack of customer loyalty in our day, keeping the doors open becomes a stressful challenge no person would envy if familiar with the position. As days, weeks and months pass, swiftly bills can amass, creating outbursts with one’s landlord beyond one’s actual control, leading to divisions of sorts, a chain reaction released in full speed explodes a moment into another moment often unprepared for, that births change.

When God talks to man, he must heed instruction, otherwise he falls into the wrong path, not of destiny. Now Jacob finds himself at ground zero, after being given a warning from God to act, when he doesn’t fulfill the instruction, life consequences begin, a process, a journey of becoming, a discovery of self, an unraveling of reality that educates wisdom and powerful understanding, enabling one to transform, be and become more their truth and existence, all the backend of Jacob’s one decision.

One often lives, moves and has their life being by memory, a spirit, invisible record of truth, often undisclosed and kept buried, silent inside, while such a mental trauma of narration continues to spin throughout one’s mind, over and over again, literally stuck on repeat mode for life!

Pounded by the spiritual impact of the loss, life’s weight can drain the body and flush the mind. Almost immediately being plunged into new sudden changes can pressure the already fragile mind. Spiritually, a person can be split in two and not know; signs a sudden snap has occurred. The human mind is a fragile creation, impressionable to natural encounters and situations of life, natural effects of the illusion we face daily on this journey of reality.

Jacob speechless, complete silence prevails. Now homeless, Jacob and his lady Monet are forced to survive and live by faith. Morning, noon and night, prayer without ceasing dominates Jacob’s mind and days, utterly desperate to regain some form of normal independence of existence again. Lost in thought, not knowing what to do, immediately propels Jacob to totally rely on God.

Unable to read and write, deepens Jacob’s struggle to survive. Being a foreigner to Vancouver, with few relatives present, funds are tight to access in a quick instance. Jacob must change careers to accommodate his present dilemma, there’s money to be made while the physical force is rougher than what he’s used to. Things in life seem closed for a time following disobedience. Inside, Jacob feels lonely, at fault, regretful, unwise to end up as he has. Highly, Jacob trusts in a magnificent God, although life now looks so different to his normal, to where he had progressed since achieving success in a new country not his land of birth. Since the blackout, dramatic changes continue to shift Jacob’s present into unknown realities.

Mistakenly, Jacob is caught in a fraudulent scam beyond his knowledge, only prayers can reward him his freedom, why all the way through his trials, Jacob visits different churches, deeply acknowledging God’s presence and hand on his life. Jacob manages to maintain his passion of photography while in blackout mode, by always having a camera present to record fleeting moments. Jacob and his fiance have their ups and downs, still they manage to balance their differences in order to maintain what is present that connects them. The journey of punishment is lengthy, still Jacob’s blessing from God eventually reveals God’s prophetic words spoken from the beginning.

Every new reality and place exists to enlighten the mind, which aid Jacob to find his way through this blackout moment of discovery, part of his spiritual growth and becoming, endless escapades of life we each must partake of in order to KNOW, in order to ever really regain our true higher selves, the true purpose of our being, our life's main mission to complete.

In order to achieve insightful clarity, Jacob must unravel spiritual facets of reality, which enable him to puzzle in precise developments of truth. Flashbacks embody a story that mysteriously fashions an existence beginning with the actual person experiencing phenomena. Jacob re-establishes his relationship with God, in time unbreakable trust is built.

Throughout Jacob’s turbulent ride, he’s humbly refreshed in spirit, while rich in soul, deep rooted gratitude runs thick in his veins, while reverence remains his daily food. Jacob has discovered life’s wisdom key, that truly, human problems shape and grow us to become our true, higher self, and that nothing else of life really grows us forward but problems. Jacob lives to testify of his experience, his rise and fall journey with Christ, His eternal savior who fashions him a unique witness of light, a chosen member of the future eternal Kingdom to Be. Today, Jacob reigns as pure gold, different inside, while outside resembles a celebrity, a transformed man, after his fiery trial in the furnace of life, the unpredictable energy of truth and light, that refines our souls to the end and beyond.

Submitted: April 1, 2021
Last Updated: September 12, 2021

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The Writer: CC Williams

Deeply I am inspired, so create paintings of art through word expressions of truth and reality. I perfect my craft professionally through technical awareness, refinement and keen mastery. I organize visions of life in word formations, that educate, inspire and enlighten, through creative visuals of communication. I bring to actual life true reflections of human existence and life experiences. I've naturally been a writer for 30+ years. I've personally written over 25+ books-to-date, and have published a few pieces ( poems ), songs and works along the way. Every manuscript, poetry entry and film pitch I have submitted to a ( publisher, director or producer ) have been accepted based on my... Go to bio
Agency: BLAKE & WANG P.A.
Agent: Mrs. Williams
Law Firm: Professional Corporation
Lawyer: Jennifer Klotz
Manager: David Levi

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