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A failed athlete loses her sight. In a desperate attempt to get her on track, she teams up with a disfigured guide runner who helps her try to qualify for the national team.

Like her deceased father, Del (Delianah, 26, black) is a failed athlete. After a car crash her father caused (by accident), her career never got back on track and she never fulfilled her early promise.
She suffers a brain haemorrhage and falls into the lake in the park where she runs. She’s rescued by Jimmy, a seemingly homeless man who always watches her run. Rushed to hospital she undergoes emergency surgery to remove a tumour and is left completely blind.
Totally devastated, she struggles to come to terms with disability. Frustrated, bored and largely ignored by her boyfriend, Darryl, she decides to start running again.
Then she meets Lee (30, white) who is horribly disfigured after an acid attack a few years before.
Lee works in the park with his boss Phil and with Jimmy’s help, he trains hard to be able to keep up with Del and eventually they team up to start running together. He doesn’t tell Del about his disfigurement because it gives him huge self-confidence issues and ironically, by being blind, she’s the only person that really sees the person inside.
As they get better and start to know each other, they start to develop feeling toward each other. They have two races to get the required qualifying time to represent their national team, but will their feelings for each other get in the way.
Shortly before the first race, Lee is beaten up by Neil, the man who threw acid in his face. Unable to run properly, he fails to help Del around the course, causing them to argue and part ways.
When Del finds out what happened to him, she rushes to see him and they kiss. Confused, she leaves him and heads over to her boyfriend’s house to confess. When she gets there, she realises he is having an affair.
Relieved, rather than upset, she heads to find Lee. They make up and admit their feelings. And they need to prepare for one more shot at the qualifying time.
They get to the final race and get the time they need. But when they get home, tragic news awaits them.
An emotional and inspirational dramatic love story that shows how people can beat the odds and rise above their personal challenges. Has been favourably compared to ‘Love Actually’ and ‘About A Boy’.

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The Writer: David J. Keogh

I am a professional, award winning screenwriter. I love bringing characters to life and especially love writing real people in difficult situations where they have to fight against the odds. My first major screenplay, Cadeby, has been compared to Braveheart, whilst my second, Think Forward, has been compared to Harry Brown. My first feature film which I co-wrote and starred in, Destination Dewsbury, will be released in 2019. I am open to collaborative writing, working with producers and creatives and frankly, just love what I do.

A number of my screenplays are currently in development. Go to bio

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