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Ex-con Michael returns to his violent ways to seek vengeance against those responsible for the brutal attack on his girlfriend.

Michael Tarver is a one-track minded criminal and after serving 3 years in prison for armed robbery, his only focus is to get away from his past and start fresh with his childhood girlfriend STACEY - the younger sister of NICKO who's a self absorbed, ruthless crook and life-long partner in crime of Michael.

Nicko, too, fresh out of prison for the armed robbery, has one last job in mind and with the payoff being in the millions. Michael turns the job down - standing by his word to Stacey that he'll never return to his old ways - which Nicko takes offence to as he sees Stacey as nothing more than a distraction to Michael.

Nicko goes ahead with the job - to hijack a transportation of cocaine in order to use the drugs as a distraction to get to the millions crime boss SHAKER, a glamorous and merciless villain, has in his possession. The job goes wrong and Nicko is quickly hunted down by one of Shaker's goons and he, Michael and Stacey are beaten - Stacey to within an inch of her life - a message to Nicko and Michael that Shaker wants his drugs back.

Michael wants blood. And Nicko promises it, but after they've taken Shaker's money. Using the drugs, Michael and Nicko will draw Shaker out with a meeting - a distraction - so that they can then swoop in and take Shaker's money undetected. But Shaker's one step ahead. He kidnaps Nicko and Michael is forced to face Shaker and his men on Shaker's terms. And those terms are without Shaker. But in a twist, Nicko's inside man comes to light and turns on Shaker. Now Shaker has no leverage and still no drugs. But then realizes he's got Stacey. And when Michael hears of Shaker's plan to kidnap Stacey a race is on to see who can get to her first.

Nicko goes for the money while Michael goes to Stacey's aid, saving her just in time. Stacey, now conscious, reveals to Michael that it was Nicko behind her attack and that Nicko's been playing him all along. And before Michael can react, Shaker tracks them down. He kidnaps Stacey leaving Michael with an ultimatum: Nicko and his drugs or Stacey?

Michael heads for the safe house in search for Nicko who himself is in search of the money. A gunfight breaks out and after the dust settles the last two standing are Michael and Nicko. Michael beats Nicko to a pulp but he cannot overcome their brotherly bond to kill him and so he does the next best thing and hands Nicko over to Shaker.

Shaker frees Stacey in exchange for Nicko and his drugs. But before the exchange goes through Michael plants a grenade on Nicko which Nicko finds and uses to not only kill himself but Shaker too - moments after Michael and Stacey leave, ready to start their new life and with Shaker's money.

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The Writer: Mark Smerchynskij

Mark Smerchynskij is an ambitious and energetic writer who shares a love with all aspects of filmmaking. Starting with just a single book on script writing, Mark transformed his life and dedicated it to the pursuit of knowledge within the filmmaking world. He went on to study at the Met Film School wherein he produced, wrote, directed and edited his own short film, as well as collaborate on others. Since then Mark has continued his pursuit of success and understanding having worked on independent features and shorts as a producer and write, and who has recently written multiple comedy sketches for an independent producer based in England. Mark's passion for storytelling and writing is... Go to bio

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