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Blood in casino



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A frustrated housewife with an incredible appetite for gambling brings the wrath of a bloody-thirty casino owner to her family.

Horror comedy thriller about canning twins and their brother who disguise as a casino owner and takes the law into their own hands...each with a motive.
MRS LEOPARD POWER, no more than thirty, is not content with her life because of her huge gambling debt from a casino owner (PROFESSOR SAUL-40s) who doesn't want to leave her alone. She lives in a mansion, with her rich husband and her two fraternal twins JEN and JEREMY (8). MR LEOPARD (40) is rich but has grown tired of bailing her wife out of her enormous debts. But the problem is, Professor Saul doesn't care...he just want his money back.

This 87 pages, horror comedy thriller script is full of mysteries, blood, laughter and tears, intertwined.

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The Writer: Tobias Nchindo

Lives in Namibia , Katima Mulilo. Born  October 23 , 1982. Novelist and script writer.  Science Teacher. 

Studied- Science(Biology)  and languages(University of Namibia). Educatinal management, law (North-west Univesity) SA.  Published author and  scriptwriter.



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