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Blood Lines



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A teenage student is drawn into the world of the supernatural when his crush is possessed by the daughter of a family of witches.

Blood Lines is a contemporary (15) coming of age drama with supernatural elements loosely based on the Pendle witches.

Joshua Nowell and his friends are drawn into the world of the occult when the stories his Grandfather tells him turn out to be true.
After receiving a strange gift in the post; a white orb, the object of Joshua's affection Emily Hopkins' life is turned upside down when the soul of a 17th century girl possesses her. Meanwhile in the shadows mysterious forces are also after the orb to use it's power for their own purposes. When Emily is implicated in the mutilation of the school bully, Joshua must trust his Grandfather's deteriorating mental health and his belief in the supernatural to stop Jennet taking over Emily for good.

Submitted: October 11, 2019
Last Updated: November 14, 2019

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The Writer: D. M. Hall

As an avid film fan I have immersed myself in film making and media since attending Blackpool and the Fylde College's Art & Design course. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University after studying Design and Art Direction where photography and film making grabbed my interest. I entered the world of advertising when I got a job as a motion graphics designer, creating video adverts in after effects for OOH (out of the home) advertising and have held similar job roles ever since. My desire to make films has continued and since meeting no budget filmmaker Nik Box I have pushed myself into areas such as editing and script writing to learn as much as I can about the craft of film... Go to bio