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Trapped by a blizzard, bickering coworkers Joan and Michelle try to survive in their office building with a merciless crew of criminals - ONE LOCATION

As a snowstorm grows, MICHELLE and JOAN arrive at Calderon Financial, their drab two-story office for weekend work. There's nothing of note about the day. They bicker with each other, chat with the building's security guard RHONDA, the usual.

Until the storm becomes a full blown blizzard.

First, the phones shut off. The power goes next, leaving them with only emergency lighting.
Then they hear the screams.

Upstairs, DON and his crew loom over LELAND BASS. Leland, a Calderon employee who wronged Don, sits tied to a chair, bloody from torture. Rhonda goes upstairs to check in on the situation and is brutally murdered. And Michelle and Joan hear the whole thing over a spare walkie-talkie.

Michelle and Joan consider their options. They could make a run for it, but with the snowstorm... They decide their best chance to survive the night is inside the building. With them.

Armed with only a stun gun and intimate knowledge of each cubicle-filled floor, Michelle and Joan battle it out with Don's crew until the police can arrive... or they're all dead.

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The Writer: Stephen Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds is a former Journalism student who fell in love with movies as a child. While a career in screenwriting is his ultimate goal, his drive primarily stems from the opportunity to create something as profound and awe-inspiring as the movies that helped him escape to another world. In the last two years, he had three scripts advance to the second round of the Austin Film Festival. Go to bio

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