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A new college student is recruited by peers into their war against a vampire threat, but their biggest battle comes when one of their own is bitten and fights with unprecedented reluctance against the change.

"Welcome to Cedar Hill, Pennsylvania---Sit back and take a bite out of the good life!"  It's the first thing Dylan Blane sees entering the new town of his new life starting over with his young but still-not-quite-young-enough-to-be-cool aunt after a tragic family accident---one that Dylan personally takes blame for innocently causing.  Despite his reluctance, Dylan's aunt assures him the peaceful town will be home to their improved and positive state of mind.  But something doesn't feel quite right under the surface of the town's bake sales, charity telethons and blood drives. Eyes seem to be watching Dylan everywhere he goes, including his college---the staple of the upstanding community. But even as some brightly-smiled students welcome him with open arms, others oddly warn him to turn away from the facade of Beaver Cleaver hospitality. Others like Reyna Ferris, who behind her coy, sexy, strong eyes seems to hold a proclivity for perhaps knowing something more sinister lurking under the pleasantries of popular pretties like Selina Kelly---a body way out of Dylan's league with pouty lips hiding teeth longer and sharper than they should be. Teeth that eventually try to extend a more personal welcome to Dylan once the sun goes down. But Reyna won't let another innocent fall to this rising dark force consuming the town in its shadow. And when Selina makes her move, so does Reyna in a daring, gun-blazing rescue getaway that inducts Dylan into the fight of his life with some of the only ones left in town who haven't been tainted by an evil thirst. With this new ragtag group of battle mates, Dylan is shown the ropes of hunting and slaying through countless undead threats on an ultimate goal to reach the top of the throne---the crafty and elusive Dominicus Van Selt, who supposedly started the vicious blood-sucking plague centuries ago. But when one of their own gets bitten and fights the change with an unprecedented strong-willed resistance, Dylan must put his emotions aside and make the ultimate decision between love and duty if they're to prevail and destroy the sinister menace once and for all. Hip, edgy and sexy, it's "The Lost Boys" for a new generation, pumped with exploding action and blazing bullets.

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Quarter Finalist, The Monthly Film Festival (April-May 2016 Edition)

Submitted: June 28, 2017
Last Updated: October 14, 2018
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Last Downloaded: November 24, 2019

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The Writer: Dan O'Sullivan

Dan O'Sullivan is an American screenwriter of widely-diverse genre titles with nearly sixty awards and contest placements. His strengths rely on sharp, snappy dialogue and fantastic vision of detail to create engaging, believable, original and memorable stories. In addition, he has self-published five acclaimed books available exclusively at . Graduate of the New York Film Academy and Brooklyn College for screenwriting. Go to bio

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