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Bloody Sunday

A devoted chaplain searches for the murderer of her lover while trying to keep their scandalous relationship a secret.



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Ringo Kennedy isn't much more than your typical small-town pastor. She cares about her congregation, speaks the word of God, and serves as a pillar of the community. Oh, and she's been having an affair with Randall Stevens' wife. And, as it happens, Randall Stevens is the town's chief of police.
In unfortunate circumstance, Ringo is hired as the town's police chaplain, right before her love is mysteriously and brutally murdered. Now, Ringo is stuck comforting her lover's husband, all while trying to come to terms with the death on her own. Then, an idea sparks in her. She figures, with her closeness to the police force, she can serve an active role in finding her lover's killer. The only thing is, the investigation might lead her down horrific paths she'd never thought possible.
Will Ringo find the killer? Can she hide her identity? What will become of her church? Find out in Bloody Sunday, a dark but swift 92 page read with all the elements of a true detective story.

Submitted: August 29, 2019
Last Updated: August 29, 2019

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The Writer: JASON TURK

Hi! I'm Jason Turk, a recently graduated writer looking to learn about, analyze, and eventually create stories which speak to themes close to my heart. I don't necessarily know my "brand" just yet, and that's okay! Right now, I'm just loving the journey of writing and creation, and hope I can share in that journey with fellow writers! Also, I use a lot of explanation points in conversation, as evidenced by the above paragraph. Go to bio

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