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Bloody Sunday: The Revenge

Forty years after leaving London a criminal dynasty return to England and start where they left off, only this time it's serious business.



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A follow up to: The Long Good Friday (Opening pages attached)

It's been over forty years since Harold Shand's hopes of going into business with the Mafia died, as did the London gangster, murdered by the I.R.A.

Over four decades since his criminal enterprise crumbled, prompting his pregnant girlfriend, Victoria, to flee to the relative safety of Florida, far from the Irish Republican terrorists who had killed her one great love.

There she was able to give birth to her son, Harry. And there she was able to marry - if not for love - and live a relatively normal life, without the ever constant need to look over her shoulder.

Now a widow, Victoria has returned to England, determined to undertake the crime of the century - an offence Harold had researched and explored committing back in the late 1960's. A crime with pickings so great, her son and grandchildren will never need worry about money ever again.

It was back in 1944 that the S.S. Richard Montgomery, a U.S. Liberty ship, set sail from Hogg Island, Philadelphia, bound for a stopover in the Thames Estuary, England, prior to onward passage to Cherbourg, France, where her cargo of over 6,000 tons of munitions would be offloaded and used in the final push to crush the Nazi's.

However, whilst at anchor off the Kent coast awaiting other ships to arrive and form a convoy which would set sail to occupied Europe, a storm hit southern England causing the S.S. Richard Montgomery to drag her anchor and run aground on a sandbank. As the tide went down, the ship broke her back. In the aftermath, salvage workers began the dangerous task of offloading the perilous cargo, but before they could finish, the ship's hull broke open.

The ship flooded and the vessel settled in the silt on the seabed, her forward holds containing as much as 3,500 tons of TNT high explosive; ordnance which included bombs, booster charges, cluster bombs, smoke bombs, phosphorus and assorted detonators. Enough munitions which if detonated would cause the largest non-nuclear explosion the world has seen. An explosion which would damage areas of east London, north Kent and south Essex - not to mention the five metre tsunami that would hit mainland Europe.

Now, Harold junior, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, invalided out of the military after losing a leg in Afghanistan, is determined to employ the best criminal minds and finish what his father started - holding both the U.K. and U.S. governments to ransom, while at the same time letting the I.R.A. take the can.

Submitted: February 24, 2021
Last Updated: April 9, 2021

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The Writer: James Shearer

Hello all Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a published author - one book having reached No. 7 in the WHSmith best selling list. Another, I am reliably told by a former guest of one of Her Majesty's establishments, was the most read book in HMP Ford. However, my literary agent does not represent screenwriters, so here I am, etc. A couple of years ago, McCoy Films, a Hollywood production company, attempted to option The Cruciverbalist . Alas, I was given bad advice at my end and foolishly rejected their offer. Such is life. I am now in the process of turning the story into a novel. The screenplay Skydiver was co written with a guy with whom I once worked. He is both ex UK special... Go to bio

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