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An astrophysicist is misremembering events and experiencing loss of memory and is convinced that one of his identical self from the parallel worlds wants to leave their world and have his life instead.

TRAVIS LIFE who is a former astrophysicist for NASA is misremembering events along with having memory loss. The cause of this he believes is the 'Mandela Effect' which is making him exist across every state at the same time. Due to Mandela effect he sees his blurry identical self around him and is convinced that one of his parallel self wants to leave their worlds to steal Travis's life. On the other hand HAILY LIFE who is a psychiatrist tries her best to make her husband, Travis understand that his misremembering of events, memory loss and his hallucinations of his identical self is related to schizophrenia and paramnesia.Travis and Haily's continuous bickering about his condition is destroying their marriage life and is also increasing the distance between Travis and his son, RALPH LIFE.

Travis who is depressed because of him getting fired from NASA applies for a desk job but doesn't get it due to glitch in time and sudden forwarding of time. However when he teleports just near his mother's grave and realizes that he has missed her funeral because of his identical self he decides to find his parallel self and kill him. Travis looks through his old videos in his laptop and finds one of his speech where he explains how to travel through dark hole and meet the identical selves. He learns that there are three ways through which he can do it.

He does the first experiment of travelling faster than speed and light in a huge field. He does this by clearly imagining it. He successfully finds the identical evil Travis. However Travis touches his identical self and gets a clear glimpse in to the EVIL TRAVIS's world. Travis sees that Travis of another world is poor and is a thief. He learns that Haily of Evil Travis's world is extremely rude and annoying. Travis goes back to the dark field and while running stabs evil Travis. However he opens his eyes in the dark field and sees that he has stabbed his wife's arm. After this incident Travis believes that his identical self would never ever haunt him and steal his life. But soon Travis starts seeing the identical Travis around him. He also experiences the Mandela Effect which results in to a squabble with his younger brother.

Soon Travis does the second experiment which is finding a gateway or portal to travel in to another world and he believes he can achieve this experiment by meditating in an open space inside the house. He forces Haily and Ralph to stay in a motel and he carries out the experiment. He does this in his living room and opens the front door to find thousands of Travis. He finally finds the evil Travis and shoots him. His meditation is stopped the moment he hears his son's scream. He opens his eyes to find Ralph shot by him. Travis disposes the body and carries out the last experiment which is similar to Schrodinger's Cat experiment of having near death experiment. Haily starts looking for his missing son and on the other hand Travis puts a poisonous gas inside the wardrobe and gets inside to have near death experience and finally kill the evil Travis. Will Travis successfully kill his identical self and finally get his freedom?

Submitted: March 27, 2018
Last Updated: April 3, 2018

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The Writer: Qazi Fabia Hoq

Qazi Fabia Hoq is a screenwriter from Toronto, Ontario. She has been an independent author but later she decided to fulfil her dreams of becoming a storyteller. She is specialized in drama and thriller screenplay but also loves reading all-genre feature screenplay. She has also written one horror and one sci fi feature length screenplay. Her first drama screenplay is now on post production. Go to bio

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