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Epic story of enigmatic and legendary fugitive, Bobby Vesco: his early days in Detroit, the brazen theft of over $600-million from Meyer Lansky's European money laundering operation in the '70s and life as a fugitive.

The phenomenal epic story of the enigmatic and legendary fugitive, Bobby Vesco: his humble early days in Detroit, his brazen theft of over $600-million from Meyer Lansky's European money laundering operation in the early '70s, and his amazing & complex series of secret billion-dollar frauds perpetrated with and against south Florida Mafiosi, Columbia's Medellin Cartel, Central American dictators, Mossad & CIA, and the political elite of the U.S. government during the '80s and '90s.

Bobby is much more than a high-stakes swindler. He partnered with Mafia kingpin Santo Trafficante and Directors of the CIA to design and detonate the explosive mega-billion-dollar cocaine industry in America. He partnered with DCIA George Bush Sr. and was investigated by Senator John F. Kerry as he laundered CIA--Iran/Contra--Mena, Arkansas cocaine-for-weapons profits while simultaneously building the power and wealth of America's privileged politicos and the narco-terrorist gangs of the Medellin Cartel.

Bobby Vesco had his hands in every billion-dollar covert operation running throughout the Caribbean. After the CIA double-crossed him and the Mossad's top assassin went after him he fled into the protective arms of Fidel Castro in Havana. But Castro had one last glorious mission for Bobby that involved "re-allocating" the prime assets of Boris Yeltsin's newly liberated Russia.

Although the U.S. Justice Department publicly professed its desire to have Bobby returned to the U.S. to face prosecution for his past crimes, there was deceit in what they said and what they did.

Bobby knew too much about the 'shadow people' running and cleaning the hundreds-of-billions of 'black' cash surging through American and offshore banks so bringing him back to testify in open court would be akin to detonating a political daisy-cutter bombshell in Washington D.C. – fuggetaboutit…

Bobby Vesco lived the life of a jet-setting king, but died penniless and alone in Cuba ... or did he?

Submitted: January 11, 2019
Last Updated: January 11, 2019

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The Writer: Joseph Deegan

I grew up in Chicago and moved to San Francisco to enroll in The Drama Studio London's acting program based in Berkeley. After appearing in plays and movies, managing punk bands and producing vinyl records & CDs in the Bay Area, I moved to LA for several years and began writing screenplays. I have since moved to Austin, Texas where I continue to write. Go to bio
Lawyer: Eric Elias

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