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A television actress returns to her home town and is asked to appear in the community Christmas Play. Unable to memorize lines without a teleprompter, a handsome local newspaper reporter helps her with unexpected results.

Famous soap star HOLLY DAVIS (33), needing a break from her lucrative, but insipid role on the hit soap, “Lighthouse Cove”, plans to spend her Christmas holiday at her parents’ home in the lovely, small town of Winter Lake, Vermont—despite her slimy producer’s insistence not to. She convinces MARGE KIRKBRIDE (60), her very New York, wise-cracking assistant, to come with her since she’s never set foot outside Manhattan before.
Upon arriving, Marge is in awe of the enchanting, postcard-perfect, snow-covered town, but Holly finds out the annual Christmas play that her father, Frank, directs is suddenly missing its leading lady due to illness. He pleads with Holly to take the role. She accepts, but makes it clear that her boss can’t find out about this!

Having had the luxury of a teleprompter on set, Holly is terrified that she can’t memorize lines anymore. Marge assures her she’ll be fine, but she’s not quite convinced until JASON ELDER (30s), her childhood friend and the play’s handsome leading man, is happy to oblige her with help—after a romantic dinner, of course!

Jason, also the town reporter for the Winter Lake Transcript, tells his boss, RAY (50s), he is doing a little story on Holly and her work in the play, and that he’s helping her with her lines. With that, Ray sends his own version of the story to the Associated Press! Soon enough, Holly’s producer, CLARK MAVERICK (45), finds out and gives her an ultimatum to return at once. Holly is furious with Jason and wants nothing more to do with him, despite his innocent pleas for forgiveness. Despondent, Holly finds herself chatting with a star-struck young girl from the play, who reveals her dreams of making it on Broadway.

Touched by her innocence, Holly tells her that dreams don’t always turn out the way you plan. When Jason accuses his boss for going behind his back, he demands he print a retraction, whereupon Jason is immediately fired! Having lost his job and his chances with Holly, he explains the whole story to Marge, who then makes Holly listen to him. Holly forgives Jason, and renewed with hope and a plan, she tells him to write a story about her starring role in the play, which she will get published with her own connections.

Back on the set, Maverick, newspaper in hand, announces in a rage to his cast that Holly has quit “Lighthouse Cove” and will be starring in the Christmas play instead! The news brings in a huge national audience and the play is a success. Holly takes her final bows for the cheering crowd, rejuvenated at last with the joy of theatre that she had been missing for a long time. She also surprises Jason by buying him the Winter Lake Transcript and firing his boss! Naturally, Marge hooks up with the stage manager, a dentist by day, and decides to give up the big city for the charming, cozy hamlet of Winter Lake.

Submitted: July 17, 2020
Last Updated: July 17, 2020

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The Writer: Jerry Robbins

JERRY ROBBINS Screenplays Catch the Bullet (Western) Post-production. Feifer Worldwide (Best Feature Screenplay – Wild Bunch Film Festival.) The Legend of Lake Hollow (Horror) Pre-production, Penumbra Entertainment. Christmas At Exit 24 (Romcom) Under Option Climb (Animated holiday musical) Academy Nicholls Fellowship Quarterfinalist, Best Screenplay Hollywood Int’l Motion Picture Festival, Best Screenplay Crown Wood Int’l. Film Festival, Best Screenplay Sunny Side Up Festival, Official Selection - Finish Line, Finalist at Lonely Seal Film Festival. Script coverage: Double Recommend - (Screenplay Gurus). Under Shop Agreement with Urban Elephant Media They Beckon (Horror) Official Selection... Go to bio

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