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Boy Blue

A warehouse worker struggles to raise his infant daughter in spartan conditions while pursuing his dream of being a professional jazz musician while his marriage crumbles and his wife’s mental state deepens.



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Set in New York City, BOY BLUE tells the story of a man, with one objective: to become a professional jazz musician. Thomas Kennedy is a family-oriented person who works a day job in a warehouse and performs in bars at night. When a local record producer is interested in him and supportive of his performing career, he becomes determined to make his dream a reality.

Amidst all this, Thomas is scared as his wife’s mental health deepens and he becomes a single parent, his mom believing he married the wrong person is cheered on by his infant daughter seeing the future, he will give her through his music. Despite all his setbacks, we find ourselves rooting for this man as he tries to find his career in a world of endless possibilities.

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Rating: 4.5
Laura Kay's Inspirational Writers (2021).

Submitted: March 19, 2023
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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The Writer: Tim Bragg TB

Tim Bragg 412-867-8461 SUMMARY: I write educational and fiction books, features and short stories. MICRO-SHORT FILMS: Hidden (2023) Mouse Productions. WRITING COMPETITIONS: Boy Blue (2021) Finalist Let's Make It. AWARDS: The Dance (2020) Micro-short Silver Nib Award. Soul Mate (2019) Top Ten Coverfly's Red List. RECOGNITIONS: Laura Kay Inspirational Writers. (2021) Go to bio

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