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Searching for his outlaw brother for unknown reasons, a Texas ranger runs into an evil land baron and a widow he develops feelings for. Now, he must decide what is important to him.

“Brother’s Keeper” is an action packed, tense western, written in the way of traditional westerns. It is, however, a modern story that deals in the strength of family, the abuse of power, racial prejudice and sexual harassment. It shows the strength in love and the bonds that tie all of us. In the end it explores all the decisions we have to make everyday between good and evil.

“Brother’s Keeper” is the story of a journey. That of “Whit” Whitock, a legendary lawman, who’s obsessed with bringing in and / or saving his outlaw brother, Jake. After being defeated by Jake, he is left wounded and demoralized. He gives up his badge and heads for the badlands of the Dakota territory in a last ditch effort to find Jake. This is a place where people like Jake roam free of any law.

Along his travels, he saves Jacoby, a black man who was being hung for having an affair with a white woman. They bond as they travel north toward the town of Bixby. On their way, they come across “Nap” Neilsen, son of Inger “Swede” Neilsen, the most powerful man in the Wyoming territory. Nap and his men are harassing Sue Draper, a widow with two young boys, who is heading to her brother-in-law’s farm near Bixby. Her wagon has thrown a wheel and Nap feels a little “appreciation” would be justify if they fixed it. They embarrass the dim-witted Nap ans they save Sue and escort her to the farm.

Elationis short lived as they arrive to a place that has been burnt down by what seems like an “Indians” attack and are asked to leave by Max Neilsen, Inger’s illegitamite son. Unknown to the party, Swede and his sons have been burning out a number of homesteaders under the guise of these attacks, in order to buy the land cheap. It seems the railroad will be coming and Bixby is about to become a booming hub.

After a initial confrontation, Swede agrees to give Sue a second plot that lies out of the railroad plans. He does this on the continent that Whit leaves “his” town. Whit agrees despite his growing feelings for Sue, and heads out after his brother. He leaves despite Jacoby and Roscoe, Whit’s dad’s dad’s former deputy and now the town drunk, trying to talk him out of it. The others stay on as hands for Sue.

All goes well until the railroad company changes it’s route due to a screw-up by Nap. After Nap is severely reprimanded by Swede, Swede must try and get this land back. When an offer fails, the only choice is another “Indian” attack that Max Botches and Sue is shot during. If not for Roscoe saving her, she would have died. Meanwhile, in the town, Nap takes out his prejudices in his attack on Jacoby leaving him for dead.

With news of the attack, Whit must decide what is more important, his desire to find and save his brother or his love of Sue. He decides on the later and returns to Bixby for a showdown with the Neilsens. Initially successful, Whit and his group face overwhelming odds as Swede has used his wealth for hired guns. It is only in this confrontation that we learn the true connection between Whit and his brother as the latter shows up to save the day. Despite loss of lives, Whit ends up victorious, His questions answered, his journey is competed.

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The Writer: John Iannucci

While in college, years ago, I had been offered an internship with a playwrite in New York through my creative writing teacher. I decided instead to pursue my first love coaching, but the ideas kept piling up in a notebook I kept.) Retiring after 48 years of championship coaching, I have decided to explore that itch I had in my younger days. I intend to apply the same relentless pursuit to this field as I did to my coaching, learning and getting better every day.

My second script “7 Days in La Suerte” was received well in contest and professional coverage, placing in the top twenty percent as my first ever entree in the Nichols and being a finalist at the Austin. 

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