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An abused high school student bullies her bully with a phone app that has magical powers.

This script has potential to be a longer project (feature script, T.V. series, etc.).

Fantasy Comedy Drama short script (for sale or option)

Other Genre: Teen

Budget: Micro-budget

Pages: Fourteen

Tagline: With this app, she's the bully!

Theme: Don't treat people the bad way they treat you.


In voiceover, Mrs. Diaz (a high school teacher) gives her class an assignment that's due in two days. Each student must tell about a valuable life lesson that they've recently learned.

Molly Thomplson (an itty-bitty 16-year-old journalist-in-training) gets bullied on her way home by Robyn Davis (her big, cruel bully and an overeater). Molly runs home. Robyn chases her, but Robyn weighs too much to keep up.

At home, Molly video chats with her army dad, who's away working. Molly wants Robyn to get a taste of her own medicine (being bullied). Molly makes a wish for it to happen, and their video call cuts off momentarily. The video call comes back on. They don't know what happened. He tells her: “Don't let her cruelty change you into her.” After their call, she discovers a strange app has been added to her phone. It has magical powers she can use to bully/punish Robyn. She's doubtful that it's real, but she decides she'll try it on Robyn.

As they walk to school the next day, Molly uses the app on Robyn, and it works. Molly punishes her with it. Molly forces her to reveal why she bullies her. Robyn reveals the shocking story behind why she bullies people. Molly threatens to use the app again and tell everyone Robyn's secrets. Robyn runs home crying.

At home, Molly video chats with her dad about how she used the app on Robyn. Molly is excited about what she did, but her dad is very upset. She realizes what she has done and cries. He tells her to make things right.

As they walk to school the next day, Molly apologizes to Robyn for bullying her. Molly tells her she deleted the app, and she promises not to tell anyone Robyn's secrets. They become friends. In voiceover, Molly tells her class the valuable life lesson that she has learned. End of Synopsis.

Cast: Four

Setting and Locations: Present day; three simple locations (a street, a bedroom, and a room the dad video calls the main character from).

Thanks for hearing my pitch. The script and full script rights are available for purchase (very low price) or option (very low option fee).

If you have any questions or concerns, please message me on Script Revolution or email me (storytelling200@gmail.com).

Photo of phone by Hilthart Pedersen (used with permission through Unsplash.com). Edited with the Poster Maker phone app (app by Photo Cool Apps).

Submitted: October 16, 2019
Last Updated: February 21, 2020
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