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A couple of police detectives take on a drug cartel boss, a teenage drug dealer, and a drug mastermind. Ending in rescuing an infant baby girl.



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Corey King is a high school student by day and a drug dealer by night. One day after school, his girlfriend, Leila, announces that she is pregnant. An unsupported Leila leaves him in sadness. Out on a big drug deal gone wrong, Corey is arrested and is serving ten months. Leila visits him and Corey alerts her about money hidden in his room. About to retrieve the money, Carmen, a narcotics officer and the one responsible for Corey being in jail. Carmen gives Leila enough money to leave and not look back. Released on good behavior, Corey returns to his home and finds more money he hid. About to produce his drug of Crystal Meth, Nicholas, a police detective and one of Corey's arresting officers. Interrogates him to never sell anymore drugs or he'll put him in prison for the rest of his life. With his drugs made, Corey calls for a private investigator to search for Leila, and ends up finding out she is in Cancun, Mexico.

In Mexico, Leila has given birth to a girl and is working at a hotel resort. A member of the cartel makes a sexual advance towards Leila but is scolded by the cartel boss, Juan Torres. Arriving in Cancun, Corey sets up his operations in an old warehouse but is greeted by Juan himself, who announces that he is the owner of the property. Corey and Juan become business partners shortly after and this allows Corey to sell his product on the side. As Leila and Juan's relationship drift into seriousness, Leila notices the packages of crystal meth are familiar and learns that Corey is the new business partner. Back in Los Angeles, Carmen shows Nicholas the same product that is coming from across the border. Nicholas knows it's Corey but gets another name from the addict that purchased it. The addict gives the address of the place of the whole shipment. Nicholas and Carmen retrieve a lot more than the shipment but also find children being trafficked. Nicholas interrogates the driver and gets the city of the whole operation.

A special dinner is planned for Corey as the guest of honor, Juan and Leila have dinner with Corey. Unable to stay away much longer, Leila visits Corey in the warehouse and asks if he wants to see his infant daughter. After a short visit with his daughter, Corey hides as Juan pays a visit to Leila. Upset and feeling betrayed, Corey threatens Leila to make a choice or he'll take their daughter away from her. One of the cartel men sees Corey leave Leila's apartment. Later, back in Los Angeles, Nicholas decides to fly out to Cancun, Mexico. Just before he leaves, his daughter Faith gives him her favorite book to protect him. In Cancun, Nicholas makes it but is taken hostage by the cartel men. Along with Corey, Nicholas is taken hostage alongside Corey but given a choice. Corey learns that Nicholas is one of the police officers that was there the day his father was killed. Juan gives Corey a gun and Corey shoots Nicholas. Juan takes Corey hostage again and the two leave for his compound.

Without knowing it, Nicholas is still alive. Faith's book took the bullet that was meant to kill Nicholas. Nicholas shoots the cartel men and goes after Juan. Juan and Corey return to the compound, and Juan gives Corey a choice to kill a missionary pastor to prove his loyalty. Leila rushes to the pastor's aid but is shot instead. Leila dies. Corey is shot by Juan. Nicholas shows up in time and kills Juan and the last of his cartel men. With the last ounce of strength, Corey gives hands Nicholas over the rights to his infant daughter and asks him to look after her. He gives her the name Sierra and dies beside Leila. Nicholas and the missionary pastor rush to the infant's aid and gets to her before anyone does. Back in Los Angeles, Nicholas returns home with the infant Sierra and this shows Nicholas's sentimental side. While shopping for the infant, Carmen is greeted by John Cotton. Another detective. Feeling suspicious and worried. Carmen returns to work and learns that the only one that knew besides her about Nicholas being in Cancun was John too. Carmen drives home but is being tailed by John and crashes her car. Carmen rushes to a restaurant and quickly defends herself. John nearly kills Carmen but does not get the upper hand when Carmen slices his neck with a meat cleaver. Still not going down, John is shot by Carmen.

Back home with Nicholas, and the girls, Carmen becomes depressed and feels damaged from her experience of nearly being killed. Nicholas and her make a decision to quit being police detectives and buy their own land. Now with a home of their own, and years later. Sierra is twelve years old and homeschooled, while faith is working and living her life. Sierra becomes curious and wants to know more about her background. Nicholas's younger sister Brie comes and visits but the visit turns bitter after Brie wants to take Sierra into the city. Not thrilled about allowing it but Nicholas lets Sierra visit. The visit goes from good to bad when Sierra gives a homeless person money left over from getting her nails done. This upsets Brie, who only thinks about money other than other people. Sierra's feelings of wanting to see her father than be in the city come out. On the way home, Brie drives the car and has a car accident that kills her. Home and safe, Sierra blames herself but is comforted by Carmen.

While doing Sierra's laundry, Carmen finds notes and discovers that Sierra has a gift of writing. Carmen buys a laptop for Sierra and encourages her to write. While walking on a path, Carmen is hit by a speeding truck and killed. A heartbroken Nicholas slips into depression, and drinks. Sierra earns a scholarship and leaves for college. Later, Nicholas has a heart attack and Sierra returns to be at his bedside.

Now grown, and about to be a mother. Sierra is a successful book author. Back home, Sierra returns home to see Nicholas. On their short walk, Nicholas shares a photo with her and says his farewell. He dies of heart failure. Faith and Sierra comfort each other and try to recover from their loved ones being gone. Sierra gives birth to a boy, and in honor of Nicholas, she gives him the same name. Saying, "This one's for you dad."

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Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival Award Winner 2022
Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2022

Submitted: February 3, 2022
Last Updated: July 18, 2022

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