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Cash Daddy Bankroll

In 1976, a former call girl teams up with a disgraced detective in order to take down the largest pimping cartel in the country.



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Set in the mid-1970s’, Cash Daddy Bankroll is the gritty and barefaced story of an African American woman called Lisa Pearl who seeks revenge on the crime organization responsible for incarcerating her father and murdering her sister. This is a unique and indulgent action thriller with twists, turns, and a splash of dark humor.
Set in the crime-infested city of Oldridge that only ten years earlier was an idyllic working-class, industrialized city full of promise and opportunity. Now, it’s in free fall. The police are losing control and politicians are making fortunes by working with the criminal underworld.
The most feared crime syndicate in Oldridge has three bosses Cash, Daddy, and Bankroll and they are at the heart of the city’s problems. Pimps by trade, they now have control over the hottest and most hard-hitting drug the city has ever seen, it’s called Crow.
Our hero Lisa returns to Oldridge City after 7 years of intense specialized Kung Fu training during her exile in Shanghai only to find that the organization that ruined her life has the city in a chokehold. Lisa assumes multiple undercover personas enabling her to navigate a city full of treachery and corruption, allowing her to uncover a sinister partnership between the criminal underworld and corrupt politicians.
Lisa navigates a never-ending web of pimps, hustlers, and pushers. Solving problems and becoming an ever-growing opposing force to the powers that be. Problems become more complex as Lisa faces the inner demons that stand between her and greatness.
Lisa must choose between her lust for revenge and making a selfless difference in the city that she once loved. She finds allies in a by-the-book homicide detective and a shrewd police commissioner, who are both willing to fight for Oldridge and give it the future that it deserves.

Submitted: September 27, 2021
Last Updated: April 12, 2022

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The Writer: Lascelle Hemmings

A London based scriptwriter who travels to US regularly. I'm a quarterfinalist in the Script Lab - TSL Free Screenplay Contest 2022 My scripts have received good coverage and multiple “Consider” ratings from professional coverage agencies. I’m a self-taught screenwriter who has decided to pursue a career in screenwriting. I’m versatile and can write multiple genres as you can see from some of my advertised projects. I’m very professional in my delivery and work ethic and I aim to please. I’m happy to write to order or to a spec. I’ve written features and 1-hour pilots intended for series. Go to bio

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