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Chester Gold arrives in LA to save his marriage but ends up fighting to save their lives when a group of poorly dressed and dim-witted terrorists seize the building his wife works in.

In this Die Hard parody, New York cop CHESTER GOLD arrives in Los Angeles. He hates flying and he hates heights, and the piss in his pants proves it. He also hates that his wife SUE walked away from their relationship six months ago to pursue a career at Bonkura International. He attends the party at the Bonkura building. On arrival he is greeted by the Vice President and self-proclaimed party animal JUAN SUAREZ; he's an extremely intoxicated Mexican who loves alcohol and women. Suarez takes Chester to find Sue but instead finds JEREMY sniffing Sue's seat. He's the office sex-pest who's chasing Sue but Sue still shows her loyalty to Chester. Chester and Sue greet each other. It's cold but something's still there. While Chester washes up he and Sue argue. Sue is called out and while Chester snoops around the office the building is seized by a group of half-witted terrorist lead by AKHMAD ABAD. He takes everyone hostage except for Chester who slips away, wearing only a vest and gag-and-cup, onto a safer floor.

While Akhmad's men plant explosives on the roof, Akhmad interrogates Suarez. He wants the codes to get inside the vault. He wants the money and the lost property inside it. Suarez is too intoxicated to care and Akhmad kills him. Now they have to break the code themselves which is down to JACKSON, a man suffering from an STD.

Chester kills AZHAR. He takes Azhar's stained sweatpants and radio which he uses to contact the police. The police aren't interested though sending SAMUEL, a lazy-arse police officer and Britney Spears fan, to do a drive-by just in case. And while Samuel is seen off by TARIQ, a terrorist posing as a guard, Chester kills two more terrorists finding detonators and explosives. Chester throws a corpse out the window to get Samuel's attention. Samuel calls for backup which quickly surrounds the building.

With Sue rejecting Jeremy for the last time and Jeremy hating the sight of Sue hoping for Chester to rescue her, he decides to try and hand Chester over to Akhmad. Chester doesn't comply. Akhmad does everyone a favour and kills Jeremy. Chester refuses to give into Akhmad and retaliates by setting off his own bomb, killing more of Akhmad's men. Akhmad and Azhar's revenge-fuelled brother AFTAB proceed with the plan.

Aftab and Akhmad shoot it out with Chester, hurting him. They break him almost but it's Chester's need to save his wife that keeps him fighting. And while Akhmad gets inside the vault and his hands on the money, Chester fights it out with Aftab. Chester kills Aftab and goes after Akhmad who has taken Sue and sent the hostages to the roof where he plans on creating a diversion by blowing up the roof and escaping in all the commotion dressed as mythical creatures. The roof blows. Chester finds Akhmad with a gun to Sue's head. Before Akhmad can shoot Chester shoots first. Akhmad falls through a window but takes Sue with him, both holding on. Chester tickles Akhmad until he cannot take any more and falls to his death. Chester and Sue embrace. They're both safe and they're both together again.

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Last Updated: November 18, 2018
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The Writer: Mark Smerchynskij

Mark Smerchynskij is an ambitious and energetic writer who shares a love with all aspects of filmmaking. Starting with just a single book on script writing, Mark transformed his life and dedicated it to the pursuit of knowledge within the filmmaking world. He went on to study at the Met Film School wherein he produced, wrote, directed and edited his own short film, as well as collaborate on others. Since then Mark has continued his pursuit of success and understanding having worked on independent features and shorts as a producer and write, and who has recently written multiple comedy sketches for an independent producer based in England. Mark's passion for storytelling and writing is... Go to bio

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