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Chopped Liver

An anxious teenage girl trying to make ends meet in an urban city suddenly gets targeted in her ex-boyfriend's harassment campaign on social media, which slowly bleeds into real life.



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In a city where crime seems to occur without notice, teenager Laura tries to make the best of life despite her circumstances. She lives in an apartment with only her younger siblings, Janice and Kaleb, while her friends Piper, Sharon, and Hayley take advantage of her. Laura's hopes of making an impact on the world seem to shrink with each day, but she is at least willing to seek an opportunity. For a while, she had been dating a rather narcissistic boy named Teddy, who just happens to be on a niche Facebook group with her. Unfortunately, when it becomes clear that Teddy is only interested in banging Laura, she ends their relationship rather disgusted.

Teddy does not take this well and proceeds to make a callous post on her in the Facebook group. When others clearly show no sympathy for her, Laura leaves the group. Her troubles do not end there as Teddy and his gang of friends, Carl and Dick, proceed to make her life a living hell from causally mocking her on the streets to threatening legitimate harm. In a desperate attempt to stop the harassment, Laura asks Piper to make a move on Teddy. Not knowing the seriousness of things, Piper agrees and manages to hook up with him. Things seem to go well until their little private make-out turns into a full-blown rape from Teddy. Emotionally scarred, Piper blames this plight on Laura, souring whatever friendship there was.

Back online, when the Facebook group gets taken down for violating terms and services, Teddy and his followers migrate to a stalker forum and crank up their vendetta against Laura. With a new group of copycats out on the street to torment her, Laura starts to have an identity crisis. Taking Hayley's advice to speak up publicly, Laura writes about her experiences and the stalker forum in an attempt to salvage her dignity.

The publication of Laura's article only proceeds to enrage Teddy and his fans even more. In retaliation, they dox Laura and do whatever they can to destroy her credibility. Horrified at their cruelty and worried that their actions could jeopardize her life, Laura's growing paranoia gets the better of her emotions, culminating in a public nervous breakdown. With her remaining friends getting picked off and her siblings in danger, Laura has no choice but to confront Teddy and call him out on his obsessive putdown...

...or does she?

Submitted: December 22, 2020
Last Updated: August 6, 2022

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The Writer: Craig E. Zecko

I have been self-taught to be a professional screenwriter (although I did take a couple of classes along the way) and I have what it takes to deliver projects that are both unlike anything audiences have seen before and can easily go behind the camera. Because of my eclectic tastes in films and TV, I am able to work with a wide range of genres. In addition to being a devoted writer and hard worker, I am easy to work with and can take criticism. No matter how difficult the industry may be, the last thing I want to do is give up. Go to bio

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