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City of Caves - The White Tiger



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When two courageous werecats striving to create a better future, find themselves caught in an ancient war, they're forced to fight alongside one enemy to bring down another, to finally live life on their terms.

A vampire creep gets the surprise of his un-dead life when he attacks BILLI during her morning swim and finds himself facing an angry tiger. Her morning then becomes stranger when Billi receives a mysterious phone call, warning her The White Tiger is in town, and that she's in danger.
Annoyed at the disruption to her routine, and by the assumption that she can't take care of herself, Billi contacts SALLY another werecat to find out about The White Tiger.
At the same time, ELDRED the cities most dangerous vampire talks to JACK, aka The White Tiger, and they discuss the removal of an unknown cat whose presence is beginning to cause Eldred problems.
Undeterred by the earlier warning, Billi spends her evening in the usual way; hunting vampires. But instead of vampires, she comes face to face with Jack, who persuades her to join him for a quiet drink and leads her to a secluded bar.
Once in the bar, it becomes apparent something is wrong, and terrible realisation dawns when Billi suddenly notices that the room is full of vampires, while Jack happily announces that he’s been asked to kill her.
Unlike Jack, Billi believes killing another cat is wrong, but to save herself, and much to Jacks surprise she takes him down, before transforming into her tiger-self and exterminating the vampires. During the fight, a dying vampire stabs her in the shoulder. Injured, Billi returns home, sends a text and slumps into the shower. Soon after, Sally arrives in a panic and helps heal Billi's wounds.
The following morning a Detective sent by the vampires arrives at Billi’s apartment and manages to take a photo of Sally's cat form. GEORGE a werewolf closely follows and sends the detective back to Eldred, saying that the cat is not here. When George believes the detective to be out of earshot, he warns Billi that Sally is in danger. When George returns to the vampires, he learns that Detective Pratt has informed Eldred that he knows that cat, and facing the anger of his master, George fights for freedom.
To protect her friend, Billi carries Sally in the form of a cat across the city, and back to her own house, as they arrive they discover a slightly bruised George waiting for her, he's finally free of the vampires, but doesn't know what he should do next. Sally invites them all inside and George tells them that Sally is getting to close to something and it's making Eldred nervous. The women look startled, Eldred died almost a thousand years ago, didn't he?
In a dark forgotten section of the cave system, trapped at the bottom of a well, a man covered in bloody blankets stirs, he slowly sits up taking in his surroundings.
It's Jack.
He screams.

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The Writer: louise wilding

Awards: Winner Best Script Out of The Can Film Festival 2018


Amuse Networks, YouTube Channel, Genre: Children’s short-form Animation

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