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A publicity stunt gives a female fan a chance as head coach. But can the media and the NFL handle a strong woman succeeding in a male sport?

In this politically and socially relevant Dramady we follow wife, mother and super football fan Christine Murphy, who, after attending another losing opening game calls out the drunken head coach on the local sports show and takes the coach to task over his bad plays and the coach tired of the fans, challenging him and being attacked by a football savvy woman on TV quits telling Christine “if she knows so much she can have his job”. The team marketing executive sees an opportunity and convinces the team executives to offer her as a stunt to get publicity for the team a job as the first women to coach an NFL team.
This may be a stunt for the team, but for Christine, it will be her opportunity to fulfill a dream she has had since she was a little girl and a chance to prove herself and make her departed father proud. This will be anything but easy, as she and her friends and family are thrust onto the national stage and coaching a losing team to a championship, maybe easier than all the sexism and protests that are currently challenging our nation. Maybe Christina should have followed the advice of her best friend and given up football for day drinking and her family was already starting to get tired of her being a super fan can they survive her becoming a social and political icon as well as a full-time NFL coach?

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The Writer: Shawn Decker

Shawn Decker,

Creator and head writer at Cafenuvo Productions. Currently working on six TV pilots that range from Female-centric strong women vs misogynist company to political comedies and two Dramas. Seeking to network with other industry professionals in collaboration and creating intelligent programs.  Go to bio

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