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Corridor Of Freaks

Animal rights activists break into Genotexx Laboratories and encounter live, semi-human examples of genetic engineering gone wrong. When they are discovered they must flee through the maze-like corridors.



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There is a flash forward opening where a young woman is abducted by paramedics (who will later feature in the story).

A group of animal loving college students break into the "Universal Product Testing" Lab and rescue some rabbits slated for use in experiments. They are led by KEVIN, an aspiring illusionist/escape artist whose skills come into play throughout the script.

The cops suspect them of the crime, however, and find telltale rabbit hairs in a van owned by TOD, a reluctant member of the rabbit-saver gang.

The Feds pressure Tod to wear a wire. Tod doesn't want to give up his friends, but is afraid at losing his chance at law school.

A human-genome scientist named DR. MICHAELS (a dwarf nicknamed Dr. Microbe) comes to the campus to make a speech and is heckled by Tod and his friends. The group suspects that the good Doctor is using puppies in his experiments, and they decide break into his lab one night to rescue the dogs.

In the lab, they find the Doctor harvesting human eggs from captured women for genetic experimentation. They also find the "Corridor of Freaks" filled with horrific, live examples of human genetic engineering gone wrong.

Besides the Corridor of Freaks, the lab consists of many other corridors in a maze-like arrangement. Much of the script consists of wandering lost, chase scenes and running gun battles throughout the corridors. Besides the Corridor Of Freaks, there is also the Corridor Of Jars - filled with shelves of deformed embryos from failed experiments, and The Corridor Of Pregnant women - who have been captured and are used for the expleriments. The young woman from the first scene reappears in this Corridor.

All of the students except AMBER and Kevin are captured by the Doctor's staffers and thrown into a dungeon for future use.

Tod's wire is live, however, and a G-Man comes to the rescue, only to be captured himself.

After the FBI agent enters, two police officers - who have been thrown off the case when the FBI takes over - then defy orders and follow the FBI man in, leading to more fun and games in the corridors.

Kevin is then captured. Amber manages to escape and make it out of the building but is then captured by the paramedics who abducted the young woman in the first scene.

Kevin uses his escape artist skills to escape his restraints and make it out of the building. He then finds himself in the same position that Amber was in minutes before, leading to a final twist ending.

Submitted: September 9, 2021
Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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The Writer: Kenneth Kleemann

Amateur writer. A few contest placements. My best is Finalist in the 2019 Peoples' Pilot contest with my script THE PINSTRIPED PRIMATES (2 hour pilot/ tv movie format. Other placements will be listed with the scripts I post. Go to bio

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