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Sally a hyper busy realtor endures three near death experiences only to learn that we all have missions on earth to complete before our entry into heaven.



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Sally, a hyper-active real estate broker, mother of two little girls, and wife to a successful and loving husband, causes a horrific auto accident that kills all four family members. As they are approached by past family members and other heavenly spirits in the great tunnel of heavenly white light, Sally is pulled back to her earthly reality by the paramedics.

Depressed, lonely, and facing a life without her wonderful family, she overdoses on pharmaceutical medicine and tequila in an attempt to rejoin her family. As she begins her entry once again into the tunnel of light, she is told by her family that it is not her time and that she is not supposed to be there. She is once again revived by emergency medics and is sent to a hospital for an evaluation. Convincing her sister and the medical doctors that it was an accidental overdose and that she is perfectly fine, she is released.

Life without her family is just too much for Sally. She puts a shaky gun to her head and pulls the trigger and once again enters a tunnel but this time it is a tunnel of darkness where she is greeted by Satan who deceives her into thinking he can provide her with eternal happiness with her family. He begins taking Sally through a downward spiraling tunnel toward hell. The closer they get to hell, the more menacing the tunnel becomes as horrific souls try to tear and claw their way through the tunnel walls to get at her and Satan. At the very last moment before entering hell forever, Sally screams for God’s help and forgiveness. The hand of God reaches down and pulls Sally from the clutches of Satan and she is taken to met God and Jesus where she learns the universal truths of why we are here on this earth and that a messenger will visit her to give further details on our earthly mission.

After returning to reality, Sally is committed to a mental hospital where she is befriended by a Paiute Indian nurse. She is visited by an elderly priest one night and through a channeling event through him, Sally is told that she has a life plan to fulfill before she can return to her family in heaven.

After being released from the mental hospital, Sally visits the Paiute Indian lady and finds her on the side of the road, a victim of a drunken ex-boyfriend. Upon reaching home, Sally finds a gathering of family and friends around nurse’s dying sister. Learning that the sister is terrified of dying, Sally comforts her with her knowledge of the afterlife. The sister soon succumbs to her cancer and Sally is graciously thanked by the family.

After a short visit to the desert seeking a sign, a signal, or something that will show her the path in life that she should take, she does indeed receive a message to return home immediately.

As she returns home, she finds that her sister is within minutes of dying. After a hasty kidney transplant to her sister, Sally dies with the most beautiful smile on her face. As she passes through the tunnel of light and enters heaven, she is greeted by her family and Jesus.

Submitted: May 20, 2020
Last Updated: May 22, 2020

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The Writer: Mike Ross

I've spent my entire adult life in the world of big time Nevada show business working with 99% of all the big names, the legends, the good, the bad and the ugly... Frank, Tony, Wayne, Willy, Waylon, Merle, Loretta, Cher, Tina, Rickles, you name 'em, I worked 'em. I shook their hands, gave them their pay checks, helped produce their shows with pretty lights and excellent sound, drank and enduldged with 'em, and bonded while we lived a rare life together in that bubble of BTSB. At the opposite end of the spectrum was my life outside the bright lights, a life of fast snow skiing the steeps, lugging a backpack throughout the American West and packing in on horseback into some of the wildest and... Go to bio
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Lawyer: Mark Gunderson

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