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In 1945, Natasha Buchanan, an Autistic savant, unravels a national espionage case at White Sands Proving Grounds New Mexico.

In 1945, after the end of World War II, a contingent of German engineers and scientists arrive at White Sands Proving Grounds New Mexico. Their specific mission, sanctioned by the US Government, is to assist in the development of missile technology. Unbeknownst to US officials, two of the German scientists are working for Ivan Toffler, a Soviet agent. They solicit the help of John Buchanan, an American engineer. When he decides he doesn’t want to take part in the theft of secret documents, the Germans kidnap him and his wife in front of Natasha, their daughter. They leave Natasha, an autistic savant, to fend for herself. She is discovered in a barn by US soldiers; disheveled and traumatized. She is taken to the hospital on post and analyzed by several doctors. They are mystified by her photographic memory. The commander calls a psychiatrist in Washington DC to come observe her. Over time, the Germans continue to steal important secret documents. Ivan Toffler, under the guise of a defector, arrives at White Sands. He hooks up with the Germans and they plan their escape. What the Germans don’t realize is Natasha remembers exactly what they said when they took her parents. Eventually, over time, after constant prompting and as the trauma fades, she explains to the Americans what the Germans are doing. They are arrested and a significant national espionage case is solved. The only thing the US officials never figure out is the real connection between Ivan Toffler and Natasha.

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The Writer: R.L. Galbraith

I grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I retired from the United States Air Force in 1992 after 24 years of service. Following my Air Force career, I pursued a career in industry supporting intelligence agencies as a researcher and intelligence specialist. I am now retired. I have been writing for a number of years; now that I’m free from long hours and difficult caseloads, I have time to finalize much of my work. I feel like I have good stories to tell, and ready to turn my scripts into marketable, plausible films Go to bio

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