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Three supernatural stories involving a diverse group of individuals unfold over a fateful night in 1885 Nevada.

Welcome to 1885. And welcome to Sundowners Saloon. Reclamation, Nevada. A grandly unique, pleasurable paradise Mecca with no inhibitions. No jurisdiction. The type of place men will ride three nights for just to spend one. A legendary establishment of many faces with many stories, and on this particular night—this peculiarly different night—one different, unknown face will walk through the swinging front doors. But this stranger’s story is for another night, for tonight, he introduces us to a round of special individuals all part of their own tales who have ridden the trail of fate to lead them all to this place on this night. A night of three distinctly-different supernatural stories that can only begin to touch the cusp of possibilities in a place where possibilities are infinite. There’s “Dollface”—a quiet, hooded young woman whose beauty would far surpass her name if not for the large scar diagonally streaking across her face from forehead to jaw. A scar she received from the vile, twisted, evil sadist sitting on the opposite side of the saloon after he once killed her entire family and violated her before throwing her down a dried-up well—a well she escaped from and was reborn out of as a different person. A person reborn for revenge against this man who holds a more wicked truth to his identity and grand purpose. Or there’s “Jackrabbit”, the cowboy that just breezed in with a bit more money in his pockets than he legally should have, ready to disburse some on the main attraction of Sundowners—the sexy blonde dancing stripper who graces the stage as “Cowgirl”, a tantalizing vixen who doubles as a bedroom treat and for the right price will ride you all the way into the twentieth century—if you can affordably book her in advance and get in line, that is. Jack knew her long before her country-wide reputation, and he’s come with a proposition that will bask redemption on both on them, only his recent illegitimate activities have also caught up with him to threaten that chance. But something much darker... much more sinister... lies in the shadows waiting to seize Cowgirl for her true nightmarish destiny. Now Jackrabbit must lay the chips down to fight against an inhuman threat to protect a girl he loves, even if it means giving up his own life to do so. And finally—there are the two young, sly bounty hunters sitting at one of the center tables, casually and coolly waiting with their drinks—Carlin and Daylin. “The Lin Twins”. A pair of sassy siblings packed with plenty of warrants in their pockets and bullets in their guns, waiting to cash in their latest bounty, the hopelessly blundering “Freddie No-Chance”, for the hefty reward personally-offered through mysterious motivation from the owner of Sundowners. Although just because they’ve scored him doesn’t mean it’s easy money in the bank, for others are interested in acquiring Freddie No-Chance—others such as “Dead-Eye”, the levelheaded mercenary brandished with a one-eyed target-tattooed proclivity awarding him the proud boast of marksmanship perfection, and his strange interest in the charming necklace of three seemingly-normal pesos around Freddie’s neck... pesos that will soon buy the “Sensational Siblings of the Wild West” more intrigue and trouble than they bargained for, and an uncovered secret that could have them not only trying to save their own lives as usual, but possibly the lives of the entire world instead. Revenge. Love. Survival. All cornerstones of a gritty, dusty, dark world. And all presented as three imaginatively intuitive tales in the classic tradition of “The Twilight Zone” with a boldly cool attitude of “Sin City”, this unique take on the sexy and sultry Wild West will bring you to a place you’ve never quite seen before. Because in a place where everyone has a price and the night has no limits—you’re either dead or alive.

Submitted: March 27, 2018
Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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The Writer: Dan O'Sullivan

American screenwriter of widely-diverse genre titles with nearly sixty awards and contest placements. Personal strengths rely on sharp, snappy dialogue and fantastic vision of detail to create engaging, believable, original and memorable stories. Graduate of the New York Film Academy and Brooklyn College for screenwriting. If you are an agent, director, producer or representative of a production company that would like to read a full screenplay, please contact using the message system. Go to bio

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