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A young woman must find a rare gramophone record before her 21st birthday or lose her soul to a demon trapped inside.

Twenty years ago a nightclub massacre - dubbed “Dance Of The Detroit Soul Dead” - claimed all but one clubber’s life. The surviving DJ was accused and found guilty, but pleaded his innocence throughout the trial. He claimed a demon was unleashed as he played the ancient 78rpm gramophone record - DEAD SOUL MUSIC. No one believed him.
Present day Detroit … Record storeowner JOAN proudly displays a framed copy of Dead Soul Music on her shop wall. She is completely unaware that it holds so much bloody history. Until the day it is stolen from her.
Strange and unnerving occurrences start to haunt Joan, forcing her mother BRIGITTE to reveal a tragic, family secret.
When she was just a baby, Joan almost died from a rare condition. Her late father’s desperate decision to turn to black magic was to prove fatal. He invoked the dark-hearted female vision of hell's passion and terror – IZEFIAH. She was promised Joan’s soul in exchange for a stay of execution…
Trapped in the grooves of Dead Soul Music, the theft ends two decades of peace. The demon has returned to collect what she is owed.
Brigitte implores Joan to get Dead Soul Music back before she turns 21 or she will die.
The day before her fateful birthday she is reunited with the lost record, but instead of salvation, Joan learns of Brigitte’s betrayal. She was the sole survivor of the “Dance Of The Detroit Soul Dead” and the reason the police never found Dead Soul Music at the scene of the crime all those years ago.
With time running out, she pressures DEREK, disgraced professor of occult, into helping her. Unfortunately, his extensive knowledge and understanding of Izefiah is not enough to break Joan's curse.
Fleeing the city is impossible. Every escape route she takes leads her to the commemorative “Dance Of The Detroit Soul Dead” club night. Here Izefiah plans to play Dead Soul Music and enjoy one last mass-murder rampage before claiming Joan’s soul.
Dead Soul Music is a supernatural thrill-ride, reminding us that everything we want or desire comes at a price.

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Submitted: November 4, 2018
Last Updated: November 9, 2018

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The Writer: Stuart Wright

I am based in London, UK. I have developed two feature scripts with PINBALL FILMS: Ashley Horner (Brilliantlove aka The Orgasm Diaries) and Keith Bell (Dog Soldiers, The Descent & Harry Brown) BEAR (aka Hidden Folk) – Norwegian/UK horror (Status: In financing) UBERMAN - UK Sci-fi (Status: In financing) I also worked with DITTO Films on the script for LAIR (UK Horror), slated to start shooting late 2019 I have written and produced four short films. FALLEN , won Best Short at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2015 and now features as one of the chapters in the 2018 horror anthology PSYCHOMANTEUM . I host two film podcasts: podcast: Click through to the Britflicks archive 5... Go to bio

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