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The captain of a deep space transport must discover who sabotaged her ship and is killing off her crew before she becomes the final victim.

The seven people aboard a deep space transport -- six crewmembers and the cargo’s owner -- awaken from hypersleep to find the ship has been sabotaged. With no life support, no power, and no means of communication, they have about an hour of oxygen before everyone suffocates. Their attempt to send a distress signal results in the death of the lead mechanic, whose body then mysteriously disappears. An unfortunate incident results in the cargo owner’s death, plus serious injury to another crewmember who expires soon after -- but was it an accident, or murder? When these bodies also disappear, suspicions are cast and accusations thrown, as some conclude the saboteur must be one of the four remaining. The Captain tries to keep her cool and hold it all together, especially after finding her Commander on the ground with his throat slashed. Soon she’s the only one left alive, and the killer is revealed...but this murderer’s game of horrors isn’t over yet.

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Submitted: June 8, 2019
Last Updated: August 9, 2019
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The Writer: Andy Golub

My three main goals in the film industry, in order of importance: 1. To do excellent work 2. To receive fair pay for this work 3. To receive proper credit for this work I've earned a degree in film with a concentration in screenwriting, read and judged for several contests, had spec scripts optioned, and been produced as a writer-for-hire. I also provide paid coverage/analysis, script doctoring/polishing, and rewriting/development services. If interested please message me for details. Go to bio

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