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A detective plagued by visions of a stranger's death discovers she's real, becomes obsessed with discovering his connection to her igniting a supernatural war between Death and the God of Chaos.

Lucas Autumn is found frozen in the Commons. Det. Monroe takes him to the hospital where it is discovered he has retrograde amnesia and a strange mark carved into his chest. The Three fates watch over Lucas in the hospital, noting that his life yarn is black. Years later as an adult, Lucas, now a detective, is plagued by nightmares of a woman, Will, that he doesn’t know. He watches her die over and over in a world he doesn’t recognize. He records all his nightmares in a journal, then goes on a run to try clear his mind. He catches a glimpse of the world from his nightmares, the valley before death, but it disappears. Lucas visits Det. Monroe and his wife and swears he’s happy, but he isn’t. Lucas returns to his apartment, while Det. Monroe visits an antique shop to meet with Mayfair. Mayfair isn’t there, but Monroe buys an artifact Mayfair left for him and storms out. After Monroe leaves, Mayfair steps out from the back and tells the clerk the story of how Death turned the elements mortal. Will appears, watching Lucas. Lucas is attacked in his apartment by his neighbor. Lucas unwittingly calls on his power to fight him off. Monroe talks to his partner and Captain about the investigation but the Captain says they need more evidence before they arrest Mayfair. Lucas’ attacker is arrested. Haskell, a rookie cop who hero worships Lucas, takes him to the hospital. Lucas confides in his partner Adam about his power, but Adam thinks he’s just over tired. While at dinner Lucas sees Will and chases her into an alley. They fight and Will pins Lucas. She calls him Death, but Lucas has no idea what she’s talking about. Monroe goes to the Clearing for a meeting with Mayfair. Lucas and Adam try to ID Will and Lucas admits he thinks she has the answers about who he was before he lost his memory. Will ignores a text from Karma and Fate and corners Lucas at his apartment. She offers to show him her power to convince him she’s telling the truth and it results in a kiss neither of them are prepared for. The next morning kids find the bodies of Monroe and the man who attacked Lucas. Lucas and Adam identify Monroe’s body. Haskell reports to Mayfair that the job is done. He tells Mayfair about Will and wants to kill her, but Mayfair says Lucas will do that. Lucas and Adam goes through Monroe’s files and find a box of cases about the Clearing and Lucas that they never knew about. They find Mayfair’s business card. Mayfair is friendly but refuses to hand over his records, making Lucas and Adam suspicious. Lucas stakes out the antique shop and Will joins him. They break into the shop and find a church in the backroom. Will shows Lucas the valley before death. He runs and stumbles upon Haskell digging a grave in the Clearing. Will follows him and Haskell, enraged that she tried to hurt Lucas, shots her. Lucas defends Will, prompting Haskell to attack her again, Lucas shots him and Will teaches him how to call his power to heal her. Lucas hides Will in his apartment and looks through her phone, finding a text from Karma that says, ‘I know what you did’. In the final scene, Mayfair tells his followers that their time has come.

Submitted: April 1, 2019
Last Updated: October 15, 2019
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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

So little time, so many places to see, so many stories to tell! Writing has been a passion of mine since high school, but it took a long, winding journey for me to work up the courage to decide to go for a career as a screenwriter. I’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan, gone to University in Scotland, wandered through different states and different countries and come home with .75cents in my bank account (thank you Dad for the save on that one!). I have a family that indulges me as much as they keep me grounded, thought the food in the desert villages in the Middle East was amazing, Loch Ness was as haunting as Mammoth Lakes and Kyoto on a misty morning and every time I go somewhere new I... Go to bio

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