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A young stunt man retrains as a computer programmer and uncovers a conspiracy involving murderous robots.



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Michael Destructo, and his brothers Frank and Jason, grow up with parents who earn their living on insurance fraud involving injuries to their children. Michael winds up with a plate in his head, Jason becomes numb to explosions, and Frank becomes an insurance scam artist.

The brothers make a go of it for a while on stunt team sideshow circuit, but Michael wants more out of life and goes away college to learn computer programming.

After Michael graduates, the brothers are reunited. Michael moves in with his sweetheart Annie, and he gets a programming job at the monolithic Subangstrom, Inc., run by a CEO named Phil Eingang.

After a night of boozing with his brothers, Michael hits a pedestrian with his car who appears to be a robot. Frank and the family lawyer advise Michael to keep mum about the accident, and he does, until Frank winds up shot to death in his apartment.

Michael, convinced the robot had something to do with Frank's death, recruits Jason to help him. Michael recognizes the robot as a Subangstrom executive, and he and Jason stake out his house. Michael and Jason confront the robot and blow it to pieces.

Michael brings a computer chip from the robot's head back to Subangstrom. Analysis reveals it is manufactured by a subsidiary of Subangstrom in Goldfield.

Michael discovers Annie herself is a robot and breaks up with her. He follows a robot to Eingang's multi-million dollar estate and breaks in. He gets captured and Eingang reveals that he is building armies of robots to replace the population of humans on earth. Eingang plans to kill Michael, but Michael escapes.

Convinced Eingang and the robots are hot on his trail, Michael gets Jason and they escape from the city into the desert. There they meet the Preacher and his legions of humans determined to stop the robots. Michael, however, decides he can't live without Annie and returns to the city. There, he learns that Annie has left town for Goldfield, determined to be with her own kind.

Jason, meanwhile, has volunteered to carry a suitcase nuke to Goldfield and detonate it. He succeeds, but it turns out to be a suicide mission.

Michael arrives at Goldfield just as Annie is shutting down. He shoots Eingang, and carries Annie off into the sunset.

Submitted: September 16, 2021
Last Updated: September 16, 2021

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The Writer: Kenneth Kleemann

Amateur writer. A few contest placements. My best is Finalist in the 2019 Peoples' Pilot contest with my script THE PINSTRIPED PRIMATES (2 hour pilot/ tv movie format. Other placements will be listed with the scripts I post. Go to bio

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