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Detective Y

Two enemies at hand one seeks revenge for his friend whom she destroyed his career and the other is her boss who is disgusted by her sexuality.



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Set in an alternate future where due to global warming earth has become uninhabitable and humans have fled to the nearest inhabitable planet ZANDOR. 200 years later earthlings and zandoreans coexist together. KALA a zondorean rookie cop whose impatient to be made detective to that she's willing to dance with the devil gets hired by captain GAYA of the kadega police department who despises Y a human gay detective because of her sexuality. KALA for her to be made detective she has to destroy Y'S career as a cop and in return GAYA will make her detective. Y has another enemy at hand a old detective she exposed and got his career destroyed his back in town and he seeks revenge. RANDA starts stalking Y, when he is stalking Y he spots his best friend Detective FALA kissing his wife and this sends him over the edge. RANDA goes to confront FALA and out of anger he shoots and kills FALA. Now his in deep shit and panicking, not thinking straight he goes to kidnap his kid from school and sets out to skip the country with her but he is caught. When his being transported back to KPD, RANDA breaks free knocks KALA out and kidnaps Y. He holds Y hostage at a abandoned factory where he touchers her. The KPD comes to find Y at the edge of death and they merely rescue her alive. Now KALA is close to Y and the two have formed a friendship, so KALA doesn't want to go ahead with GAYA'S plan. So now GAYA has to get rid of Y on his own and get his hands dirty which he didn't want at first place. He orchestrates a plan framing Y for a murder she didn't commit. KALA investigates the case to prove that Y is innocent. GAYA is busted and he tells Y the truth about the whole thing and she's left heartbroken. Season one ends in emotional tears as KALA apologies to Y who doesn't want to see or hear from her.

Submitted: May 16, 2021
Last Updated: June 17, 2021

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The Writer: Junior Mudimba

I write cause I want to. I write cause I love to. I write to forget the bad memories. When writing I escape into my own little world and I forget the troubles of the world. My imagination is that of a kid it runs wild and it's dirty. I'm a old dude with the brain of a child. I ain't that old I'm only a teen just finishing the final stage of puberty. I'm a legend in the making. I'm racing to catch my dream and I know I will come out victorious cause ain't nothing in this world can stop me from being the champ. I'm a hard worker, a curious student, and a mommy's boy. I believe in myself and I have faith in me that one day I will become one of the greats. My name Is Junior Mudimba and I'm a... Go to bio
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