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When an unadoptable dog is blamed for a fireworks explosion, and his superpower paws fail him, his only hope to reunite with his tiny, adorable siblings is a misfit human girl with a computer.



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The short story: "Cherry's Winter Dream" by AC Maki

Adventure · Animated · Family | Animal · Asia · Asian-American
English | Production

He wants to find his family; she wants to lose hers...

At their live/work firework factory home, DIGS looks very different than his adorable tiny siblings, that’s because he’s not a Shih Tzu, he’s a terrier with strange paws.

When he is still a puppy, Digs discovers his paws have unusual super digging powers, but the problem is, he can’t control them.

His siblings want to leave the factory and live in a forever home with kids. Digs tells them - NO WAY! Kids can’t be trusted! One night, a disgruntled worker causes a fireworks explosion and flees into Chinatown with Digs’ brothers and sisters--Digs chases after them.

When Digs reaches the big city, he gets captured by a tech-smart shelter owner and is transported to her forever shelter for misfit dogs. This is where Digs meets his unadoptable, cage mates: Spark Pug, Pastrami, and Jessica Barker, who are resigned to the fact they’ll never get adopted.

Meanwhile a greedy businessman, SIRLOIN searches for large dogs for his grand meat festival that is one week away. He hires two thin sales dogs who know exactly where to find them--at the forever shelter for misfit dogs!

MACON (12), a tech savvy, Asian-American girl with high-decibel hearing reluctantly volunteers at the same shelter. Macon wants nothing to do with the dogs but is amazed she can hear what they’re saying. Digs asks her why she doesn’t eat the biscuit she is always staring at—she shakes her head and tells him he’s clueless…it’s a phone.

Macon’s superstar sister, KYLIE (10), wins everything and annoys Macon so much she decides to run away from home.

Digs and Macon meet again to navigate the streets Chinatown in search of a power outlets for Macon’s phone. In return, Macon agrees to help Digs find his siblings. They get chased by a pack of motorcycle riding, 'Bad Dawgs', play old arcade video games and outsmart a park cop. While searching for computer clues, Macon learns that Digs is not related to his brothers and sisters after all. They argue over what a real family is, then go their separate ways. Digs sees a bus banner with Sirloin's sly grin and figures out that DOGS are on the menu. At the meat festival Digs’ paws fail him and he gets captured. When Macon hears the dogs crying out, she puts down her computer to help, but it’s too late... Digs is about to become first course. Macon stops the chef, but Digs is injured. As Digs fades, he tells her: It’s not the big fireworks but the little stuff that matters… like the time he spent with her under the skyscraper eating a two-day old sandwich.

As he recovers, Digs remembers what Macon told her, "you just have to know how to use your gifts" — just then, his superpower paws kick into high gear and he challenges Sirloin to the biggest game of red rover (with a few holes) ending the meat festival forever. When Digs gathers his siblings to leave, Macon turns and asks Digs if he knows of any dogs who need a home? Digs smiles and runs into Macon's arms. Soon after, Macon hands a box to her sister and when she opens it, all the siblings pop out and lick her face, then she hugs her sister tight.

The last image is a girl riding her skateboard down the sunlit streets of Chinatown with her big ole dog loping alongside, tongue hanging out, wind in the ears... and his name is DIGS.

This script is dedicated to my first dog, "Boomer" the best "Diggy-Dig" dog!

Submitted: September 10, 2019
Last Updated: December 6, 2020

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The Writer: AC Maki

Mäki’s time working on the racetrack provided inspiration for her feature script and American Zoetrope quarterfinalist, IN YOUR BLOOD. Maki got her start in San Francisco, working in the deadline-heavy world of TV News. The Nebraska native holds an MFA in screenwriting from the Institute of American Indian Arts. Go to bio
Lawyer: Brian J. Murphy - Attorney & Counselor at Law

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