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Divine Proportion

In the future when a failing soldier is sent to a trainer to sharpen her skills, her sergeant teaches her much more than how to maintain divine proportion.



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After an alien invasion almost wipes out the human race, one man realizes that the only way to effectively battle them is to use the Golden Ratio. He then comes up with his Divine Proportion Theorem, finds human volunteers who fit this mold, and defeats the Dusameds. Thus begins a recruiting program for soldiers of the Golden Guard, an elite group of humans whose bodies have divine proportion.

The Golden Guard constantly work out on their space station orbiting Saturn. They are told that if they maintain divine proportion it will keep the Dusameds away. If any soldier falls behind in his/her workouts he/she is sent to the dreaded Deck Three for extra training.

Tristan Sol is a daydreaming soldier who wants to do her duty but sometimes the rings of Saturn are so beautiful she can't help but slow down and stare. One day she gets orders from her lieutenant that she must go to Deck Three. When she arrives, her trainer, Sergeant Dugan, is nothing like she expects. Instead of working her harder he has her read philosophy and view disks from the Dusamed Wars.

What is his plan?

As blurry days blend together she discovers that Dugan knows a dark secret about the Dusamed Wars. And when he shares it with Tristan, it turns her whole world upside down.

Submitted: January 1, 2023
Last Updated: January 4, 2023

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The Writer: Laurie Woodward

Acclaimed author Laurie Woodward , says, “I want people to see their wonder. That magical part, when nurtured, births amazing things. Films. Paintings. Stories. Song.” Laurie does just that through her books, screenplays, blog, or work as an educator. Currently, her published novels include the coming-of-age Finding Joy as well as The Pharaoh's Cry, Portal Rift, Kidnaped Smile, Persistence of Memory, and Dragon Sky from the fantasy series The Artania Chronicles. Other published works include the middle-grade Forest Secrets and multiple short stories and poems. Every book contains a message of hope showing the reader that when one is true to him/herself bullies can be defeated in both real... Go to bio

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