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Friends formerly with benefits Zak and Delia become the sexual obsession of a sadistic vampire, and if they can't satisfy her unholy desires their souls are forfeit.

Short Synopsis: Zak and Delia are at a college party when, on a whim, they call a
strange personal ad in an old S&M magazine.

The call brings Dog, a woman of twisted evil and supernatural beauty. Dog is a
submissive who demands punishment and if it’s not done to her satisfaction, you die
horribly. She is an abomination created centuries ago and for Delia and Zak the only hope
they have of defeating her may come from the devil himself.

Dog senses a kindred spirit in Delia and pursues her relentlessly, leaving death and horror
in her wake. Can Zak and Delia escape or must they spend eternity satisfying Dog's
unholy desires?

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All quotes are from Blacklist evaluations:

“A smart horror flick with a sexual heartbeat, impressive in its scope.”

“This script presents a haunting setting in a suburban neighborhood where young friends are interested in disturbing sex acts.”

“Zak and Delia have a great connection and it's interesting to follow them as they discover the evil.”

“The script moves swiftly from set piece to set piece, keeping the story's momentum high via its slew of violent deaths.”

“Given how the FIFTY SHADES Trilogy completely sanitized Hollywood's conception of BDSM, DOG feels both refreshing and ingenious in its reappropriation of the practice. This script buzzes with an in-depth knowledge of, and love for, the culture of BDSM, and in pairing the dynamic between domination and submission with thrills both supernatural and quasi-religious, it results in a truly unique premise for a horror film.”

“The story expertly deploys the genre's requisite gang of young people in compelling ways as well, examining how the adolescent sexual mind games that DELIA—a Latina protagonist, thankfully—ZAK, and LISA play on each other takes on an entirely new dimension when DOG—a ghoul that derives its power from submission and psychosexual manipulation—comes into the picture.”

“This script has some really, really memorable moments of gore and violence in it, as the writer shows they have a skill for the crafting of such.”

“The writer displays a strength in composing riveting, fast-paced action sequences.”

“The premise of DOG is an engaging and original take on the stereotypical vampire film, combined with an intriguing look at the darker side of BDSM.”

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The Writer: Kelly Parks

I'm America's only ex-CIA rocket scientist stand-up comic writer/director. By which I mean I'm a former aerospace engineer, a former professional stand-up comic, and a current computer programmer/filmmaker. My short sci-fi/horror film "Universal Dead" (starring Doug Jones, THE SHAPE OF WATER, HELL BOY, PAN'S LABYRINTH) won the grand prize at the LA WebFest. Other short films  include "The Crusader" (comedy), "Work Related" (dark comedy), "The Complaint" (sci-fi/comedy), and "Demon Protocol" (horror). All can be found on YouTube. 

Two scripts sold, two others optioned.

I wrote 10 feature screenplays so far. Contest results include:

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Lawyer: Kevin Mills

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