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Unable to outrun the sins of their past, seven Union-loyal gunslingers take a bloody stand against 150 Apache warriors in a legendary place called Doubtful Canyon.

We open in Apache territory in 1915, as Fannie cares for her dying father Mickey Free – a white man who has lived with the Apache for most of his life – in his 60s. Mickey reflects on his past, and we enter the meat of our story – In 1859, we see Mickey’s origin, as he sees his father slaughtered in front of him by an Apache group. Mickey’s father fights with grit, and noticing this, one of the Apache’s – Taza – takes Mickey prisoner and raises him as his son. As Mickey grows, he comes to see himself as part of the Apache tribe and culture. We move forward five years and see a band of white men dealing with the aftermath of an Apache raid. They return to their nearby settlement and realize Confederate soldiers have arrived in town. Freeman Thomas, the most prominent of the men, pushes back against their presence, believing in the Union’s mission. As tensions rise in the settlement, John Wilson gathers a group of men, including the young and inexperienced Emmett, to guide supplies and a payload across the violent lands around them, and to the ocean. Meanwhile, in the Apache tribe, Mickey prepares for his first taste of battle after the Chief’s son is killed. We quickly realize that John Wilson, one of Freeman’s men is responsible, and that they are now targets of Chief Cochise’s wrath. As Freeman leads his men through the harsh landscape, they are faced with conflict at nearly every turn. They fight off would be bandits, and have to make a tough decision to continue their journey after the man who was supposed to provide them with new horses halfway through their trip ends up being a conman. Knowing they must continue, they journey on through tougher territory. The two groups finally collide, and a massive battle ensues that takes out almost all of Cochise’s men – and leads all of Freeman’s group dead, but not before they give the Apaches a hell of a fight. Cochise realizes the mostly-fruitless and cruel repercussions of his thirst for revenge and tries to inspire a deeper appreciation for loss and bravery in his men, to mixed results. Mickey, who has survived his first major battle, is forever transformed by the experience. We cut back to 1915, as Fannie sits with Mickey during his final moments. Mickey stares into the flames of a fire, and watches the fateful battle play out once more as the life leaves his body.

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Quarter Finalist - Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest 2019

Submitted: April 14, 2019
Last Updated: August 3, 2019
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Last Downloaded: August 3, 2019

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The Writer: Rachel Fischer

So little time, so many places to see, so many stories to tell! Writing has been a passion of mine since high school, but it took a long, winding journey for me to work up the courage to decide to go for a career as a screenwriter. I’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan, gone to University in Scotland, wandered through different states and different countries and come home with .75cents in my bank account (thank you Dad for the save on that one!). I have a family that indulges me as much as they keep me grounded, thought the food in the desert villages in the Middle East was amazing, Loch Ness was as haunting as Mammoth Lakes and Kyoto on a misty morning and every time I go somewhere new I... Go to bio

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