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Drunken Noodles - Pilot - "The Fabulous Gourmet"

A newly separated housewife (and passionate foodie) struggles to reinvent herself as a private chef; but her daughter’s hellish wedding offers her career a surprise second helping.



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EVIE MULLER is a proud mother who is happiest in the kitchen. Her BFF Rachel gushes she should be a professional chef. So when Evie’s daughter, Susan, wants to throw a party for her baby, she throws a big one lavished with the gourmet platters and appetizers she is renowned for. Susan soaks up the adoration for her baby but fails to acknowledge her mother’s efforts. Disappointing for Evie, for sure, but not as crushing as discovering her husband, John, fooling around in the bushes with his secretary.
In the aftermath, Evie moves in temporarily with Susan and her partner, Billy. Susan naturally loves the extra help for her boy, Evan, but Evie is losing her mind. John informs her that it’s for time for lawyers to get involved to make it a proper split. Evie is distraught. Rachel gets her a serving gig for her boss’s chichi party as a way of distracting Evie and to plant the seed of a new career.
Serving is certainly nothing new to Evie, but this is not her own party. It’s a disaster. She mingles with the guests as if she is one. She adds spices to the stew and causes the VIP guest terrible indigestion. She feeds and comforts the client’s son (who was grounded) and then questions his father’s parenting skills. The client sends her home in a rage. She cries to Rachel that catering is not for her.
Evie moves into her own tiny apartment: miserable and with few prospects. Susan picks this time to surprise her with wedding plans. Naturally, she expects her mother to cater the wedding. Never to disappoint, she agrees and prepares menu choices for the wedding. Susan and her oafish fiancé, Billy, pass on her gourmet selection for some basic grub. Undaunted, Evie puts her heart and soul into baking a majestic wedding cake.
The wedding reception is a crammed affair. Evie is confined to a “seniors” table in the back, which was tolerable, until her first husband (and father of the bride), Charlie, sits next to her. He is as full of himself as ever.
The newlyweds cut her wedding cake, but the tender moment descends into a cake fight. Evie is aghast. She tearfully admonishes Billy and Susan for callously wrecking what she made out of love.
Later Evie and Rachel share a drink aside from the drunken revellers. Evie intends to let the chef idea die. A distinguished guest asks Evie if he could hire her for a party. At Rachel’s urging, she accepts. Evie starts to feel a little better about herself.
Another crisis– Evie’s son, Roy, pukes and collapses on the dancefloor. Susan pleads with her mother to take care of it. This time, Evie tells her daughter -and her ex, Charlie- to sort it out themselves; and walks out with her head held high.

Submitted: June 5, 2021
Last Updated: January 10, 2023

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The Writer: Paul Hewitt

For more than twenty-five years I've worked as an actor, model and spokesperson; alongside a decade's experience in public relations. For me, screenwriting was a natural progression from these endeavours. My goal now is to have my own stories come to life. My produced work includes an award-winning documentary on the many challenges facing today's younger generations, called It's All About Me; and a horror-comedy short: Saved From The Grave. Currently I am writing two of my own series: Drunken Noodles and The Jet Set. I hope this site can generate some interest from producers. I can be found in the usual places: IMDB, Linkedin, and CastingWorkbook. I am represented (for acting) by Choice... Go to bio
Agency: Choice Talent Agency
Agent: Sheila Lopes