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EarthLife: Most Basic Training

When a desperate man accepts a mysterious stranger’s invitation to role play in a virtual universe, his alternate selves uncover beautiful truths about his identity and the very nature of reality.



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In the wake of personal crisis, a global pandemic and devastating wildfires emerges desperate Fred Fernow, who has lost everything. When he cries out for help, a mysterious stranger invites him to play a virtual reality game to find the answers he’s looking for. Fred goes on to play a strikingly different character in each of three rounds in a virtual universe called EarthLife. Fred's alter egos confront their deepest fears and glimpse their highest potentials as they uncover the rules governing EarthLife and start harnessing the mystical energies at play in the universe. Ultimately, the film arcs back to Fred, and we observe whether he has benefitted from his visit to the EarthLife universe. An even more fundamental question arises: has he unwittingly been there all along?

Intriguing, inspirational and emotionally gripping, “EarthLife” not only launches a fascinating new franchise, it subtly reveals the true operating system of the life we’re all living.

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Submitted: December 30, 2021
Last Updated: December 9, 2022

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The Writer: Brigid Donohue

I'm all about bringing enlivening, thought-provoking, inspirational content to people! I started out working as a lawyer and law school professor and am delighted that screenwriting came knocking at my door. I welcome feedback, input and creative collaboration of all sorts. Let's deliver something powerful and positive to our world! Go to bio