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Mediocre intergalactic maintenance crew on a routine visit to planet Earth has to team up with unsuspecting humans to stop self-righteous Overmind from wrecking the entire universe.

Set in a present-day New York and Washington, this story begins with the incorporeal Overmind, who calls itself RA, traveling through the limitless universe in the search of a planet to shelter in. RA has two sides, the good side, and the bad side, exactly as our conscience, and it has remorse and guilt. Humans on Earth are unaware that they are just livestock for Space Federation. One planet out of billion copies.
Good RA visits the mind of a young Manhattan-based girl, a librarian from New York Public Library, Rachel, she’s in her 20s. RA penetrates her mind while she’s asleep on a beautiful Friday evening.
That very moment an intergalactic ship that belongs to Space Federation Maintenance and Sanitation Department with three crew members on board arrives at our Earth for a routine check mission. Nothing unusual, except the fact that the Dark Side of the Moon teleport doesn’t work. This teleport is used to connect via the magnetic field between Earth and Moon to humans or surrogates on the ground. Our team: Captain Lilly Gray (35), Farf (50s) engineer, and Bobby Roy (27) junior technician - decide to take a shuttle and go see what’s wrong with the Moon. They decide to use regular humans on the ground to connect Farf’s and Lilly’s mind to see what’s going on. Their mission checklist includes: run the inventory of surrogates hidden in NY Public Library and collect soil and human samples in Washington DC. To do that, Lilly and Farf go into hibernation state in on the space ship called Lucky Bunny. And Bobby Roy attempts to connect them to humans.
Lilly is supposed to be connected to Maya (30s) waitress from Dean and Deluca, Midtown Manhattan, who is on her way to a Friday night party. She just finished her shift. The problem with connecting directly to human bodies from the ship is the Full Moon activity that they are facing at the moment and the procedure is not 100% manageable. Bobby Roy tries targeting the right body (Maya’s) but misses and hits the dead body of a stock trader in the hospital in NY – Thomas Blake (42). He’s been dead for less than two minutes after spending several months in a coma after hi hit his head in Alps skiing. Bobby Roy tries to fix the situation and extracts Lilly from Blake and directs it to Maya, who is on a bus stop, but misses again and instead penetrates Jacinda (40) a bus driving approaching the stop. On the third attempt, Lilly integrates into Maya’s body and takes over full control. Maya’s mind is completely shut off.
Farf, whose mind Bobby Roy delivered to Kenny (20s) a night guard at the paper recycling factory somewhere in Brooklyn NY. When Farf gets inside Kenny’s head, something goes wrong and Kenny is still active. In the beginning, both of them remain control of the body 50/50. Farf struggles to regain control of the 100% of the body, manages to do so by electrocuting Kenny’s body by an industrial heater. That happens in front of Sharon, a hooker who used the factory bathroom. Farf realizes that he is stuck with Kenny’s voice in his head. They start making friends by engaging in a fight with a homeless guy in Brooklyn Public Park. Farf as a seasoned online wrestler wins the fight and the return to Kenny’s apartment. They start the quick acquaintance process. Farf finds out that Kenny is in love with Rachel (our Rachel, the librarian) but he hasn’t approached and asked Rachel out yet. At the same time, Kenny tells Farf that Rachel is a librarian at the New York Public Library, where the hidden storage room with surrogates and instruments is located. Farf needs those to complete his mission. And it’s a place where Farf and Lilly have to rejoin as a team. Farf and Kenny agree to help each other in their struggle. Kenny will help find the way to the library, and Farf by controlling Kenny’s body will introduce himself and ask Rachel out on a first date.
Bad RA activated and stole surrogates from NY Public Library to build the super-powerful portal in DC Washington at Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s basement. The Full Moon will allow Bad RA to interconnect all Moons on all other versions of Earths around the universe to broadcast the formula of a Super Serum that can cure any disease. By doing that Bad RA wants to overpopulate all Earths and make the Space Federation erase all of them at once and create the chaos in space. His motives are not clear yet but we know that the surrogates are in the basement of Smithsonian and they need the formula. Well, the formula is a Soda Water that was created by an old friend of Rachel’s – her name is Fu-Fun (20s), she works at DC University Lab and she is a food scientist. She doesn’t know yet that she has created a Super Soda/Serum that can cure every disease. Space Federation on contrary is well aware of that and Judge Wilson (Bobby Roy’s mother) signs the demolition order #666 to annihilate our beloved planet Earth. Space Federation sends General Happy and his 5th Harvesters Fleet to do the job.
Next morning – Saturday. Farf and Kenny do shopping, styling, haircut complete makeover session to make Kenny look like a presentable guy. They visit local barber, go to Macy’s, etc. Farf tells Kenny that he used to be human from Chicago from another version of Earth in the other solar system just like the one we’re presently in. The reach the NY Public Library.
Lilly, whose head is cracking, has a severe hangover from the last night’s party with Maya’s friends. She goes to the nearest coffee shop. Meets the guy called Chuck. He is in love with Maya but never approached her. Lilly doesn’t know that, so she assumes he is her boyfriend and kisses him. After that, she goes to the library as scheduled.
Farf with Kenny in his head approaches Rachel at her desk but suddenly Lilly pulls him aside. They realize that Rachel is not just a human, but a telepathic human. They still don’t know that Good RA is inside Rachel Doing tricks. So? they decide to talk to her on the way to the portal entry which is located in the LATIN BOOKS section of the library.
Harvesters’ fleet is on its way. Bobby Roy receives a call on his ship from Space Federation police detective, Alan Cop (32) who is sent to Earth on a separate assignment – to investigate possible misuse and unauthorized activities by surrogates. Bobby Roy welcomes Alan on Lucky Bunny ship, connects him to hibernation cells, and sends his mind to Earth. But due to the Full Moon effect, he has to find something closer to space and he decides to land him inside a passenger of a business class mid-air on route to Washington DC. Misses the target again and instead of a wealthy lobbyist, Alan gets an old Asian dude, Chu-Fan, who is by coincidence Fu-Fan’s grandfather, flying to DC to stay with Fu-Fan at her apartment.
Alan who now controls Chu-Fan’s body tries to jump to lobbyist body and that conflict ends him in airport detention. Fu-Fan picks him up, brings him home to her apartment in DC, and flees to work. As soon as she leaves, Alan calls “a very famous LA Film Director and Producer” who happened to be from the Lucas Planet and is, in fact, an alien. The director says that he cannot help Alan, but he can send a young intergalactic reporter – Candy. She is undercover Space Federation reported who works in the adult film industry on Earth. And she is also Bobby Roy’s sister and Judge Wilson’s beloved daughter. Alan and Candy team up and go to Smithsonian where the Erath teleport is located. Alan got himself drunk and they are being evicted from the Museum by Barry, the guard, and coincidentally and ex-boyfriend of Rachel from New York. Barry is a typical guard with muscles and a very low IQ. Candy seduces him by telling that Alan is a recovering alcoholic and she is a struggling sexaholic. Barry invites them in after the museum is closed. While in the museum Alan sees how somebody is dragging Fu-Fan to the basement.
Moments ago, Bad RA and his surrogates grabbed Fu-Fan at the university and moved her with Super Soda/Serum to Smithsonian, where the portal is almost ready. She is held captive.
At the library in NY - Lilly, Farf with Kenny go upstairs to the second floor. Lilly opens the storage gateway hidden behind books and they disappear inside. Rachel who is curious where they left finds the way into the tunnel and falls in tripping. Lilly grabs her and brings her inside the round-shaped intergalactic maintenance storage under the library. This is where they find out the Good RA is inside Rachel that explains her telepathic skills. Kenny and real Rachel start building and affection and empathy towards each other. Good Ra explains that it needs to fight his other self-righteous side - the Bad RA and that if they don’t stop it from agreeing to itself, everything they know will disappear. They decide to go all together to DC by train.
Harvesters arrive at the Earth’s orbit and they start preparation for annihilation. Bobby Roy tries to stop them, but he feels like it’s not gonna work so he uses a VR helmet to connect to a dog on the ground in DC.
Lilly, Farf, and Rachel arrive in DC in the evening and they try to get into the Smithsonian through a maintenance and sanitation tunnel, but surrogates immobilize them and tie Farf and Lilly to a chair in the basement. Rachel together with Fu-Fan is connected by their heads to a light pole in the middle which is powered by a brain of Rachel. Surrogates need either a stupid person with low IQ or a person in love which is pretty much the same, so the took Rachel who’s now in love with Kenny.
Bobby Roy controlling the dog sneaks into the building locates Farf and Lilly, frees them. They try to stop the Bad RA from doing what he has to do. They have no time, cause the light pole is almost charged. Kenny tries to persuade Rachel to wake up and fight. Lilly, Farf, and the dog start a fight with the surrogates. It’s an unequal battle, but Candy and Alan who managed to get into Smithsonian using stupid Barry come to their help. It’s almost a lost battle, but Kenny managed to connect to Rachel’s mind and he tells her he loves her, she wakes up, so does the Good Ra, locked in her.
The main battle is a debate between Good RA and his adversary the Bad RA, two sides of the conscience start the endless conversation on who’s wrong and who’s right. They finally agree to disagree. But they also decide to let humans and superhumans live their way. RA flees the planet the same way it appeared.
There is the last problem – harvesters, they start the demolition process. Candy convinces Bobby to call their mother, which he tries to avoid all his adult life. So, he does and Judge Wilson cancels the demolition order and harvesters fly away, leaving the planet intact, well, almost intact.
The happy ending is supplemented by Rachel and Kenny fall in love; they are together now. Lilly left a note to Maya who simply forgot everything, that Chuck – the barista from the coffee shop – is in love with her. She meets him and they kiss. Candy and Alan marry each other and Judge Wilson does the ceremony, her way.
Finally, our super team of super maintenance crew – Lilly, Farf, and Bobby Roy are on the bridge. They are ready for the next mission. Bobby hits the button but something goes wrong… THE END

Submitted: May 11, 2020
Last Updated: May 11, 2020

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The Writer: Jay Han-San

Writing novels and short stories. I started scriptwriting relatively recently by adopting my own stories in Sci-Fi Comedy, Fiction, Spy Thrillers, and Political Drama. Worked in international consulting, research, insights, and management advisory. I Lived, worked, and traveled through many places from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Taiwan to Sao Paolo, Rio, Paris, you name it. Go to bio
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