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When a UFO is spotted in the night sky over a remote farm outside of Hopkinsville Kentucky, a family soon find themselves under attack by small alien creatures.

Inspired by actual events, ENCOUNTER at HOPKINSVILLE is about a farm family in rural Kentucky on a night in 1955 when "Hell came down from the Heavens" and they found themselves under attack by alien space creatures.

As they celebrate Bobby's 13th Birthday, the Clements family celebration is interrupted by the barn door mysteriously being opened and something knocking over their trash cans. They realize they are not alone on their isolated farm. Something is watching them.

While outside, Bobby sees a large UFO hover in silence as it sinks beneath the woodline near the house. He tells the others, who think he's telling another "story" he's famous for. It's not long before his parents, Hank and Audrey Clements, see alien creatures emerging from the woods. They each grab a rifle, including Bobby who has just received one for his birthday.

The creatures advance on the house. Hank hollers for them to stop. They don't, and the farmers open fire.

The bullets have no effect on the creatures, they just spin and then re-group. Bobby overhears his father saying he wants to go check and see how many there are and what they are doing. Audrey will hear none of it! The attack continues. They have no phone, and they are further isolated as their eldest son is out for the evening with the car.

With time running out, Bobby sneaks out of the house to get the information for his father. He sees the saucer, and clusters of alien figures under it. Two walk up a ramp and into the ship, one carries a cat, the other a fawn. Bobby is spotted, almost taken prisoner, then races back to the house. Bobby tells his father what he saw – how the aliens were taking animals on board, most likely for experiments. Hank realizes what the aliens want. His family.
With ammunition running out, Hank and his family can only hope that help arrives in time.

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The Writer: Jerry Robbins



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