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REVISED JUNE 2019. The boy who surrendered his soul to a demon must fight for his life with the help of the last Catholic priest in a post-Armageddon world.

Hell has broken down faith and brought mankind to near extinction in what is known as the "War to Start All Wars". Demons now run the governments, hunting those with an ounce of belief in a higher power, as humans struggle to survive.

Gemini Morales, a teen from what was once Southern California, has fallen victim to the times, as he is possessed by a demon. Two priests from a post-Christian Church, known as Brothers, one being the actual brother of Gemini, they try to exorcise the demon. But, alas, Gemini's body has be ravaged by the possession to the point of being uninhabitable by a mortal soul. The demon in possession, Legion, he informs Gemini that without him, Gemini will die. Gemini, refusing to give up, makes a deal with the reluctant Legion that states Gemini keeps his mind and body, but Legion gets the soul.

As Gemini explains the deal with his brother, a possessed waitress kills Gemini's brother and nearly kills Gemini, if not for a rugged priest known simply as Father. Father is believed to be the last Catholic priest and he hunts demons with a scent for them. He can tell of Gemini's union with one. Father takes the boy in, understanding the loss and trauma.

Legion is visited by a mercenary demon known as Dante, whom is after the bounty on Legion, for Legion forged an application for possession, something the highly bureaucratic Hell has no tolerance for. Legion reasons with Dante, offering three disobedient Ethereal beings, known as Waywards, in exchange for his life, an offer that includes a large bounty reward. Dante agrees, giving Legion limited time to produce the Waywards. Legion informs Gemini.

Gemini explains his situation to Father, whom offers to help hunt the Waywards. Their journey brings them to Tijuana, Mexico, where they find a cantina still up and running. Legion tells Gemini that the barmaid is a Wayward and Father helps eliminate her.

Impressed with the efficiency of the assassination, Dante moves up the schedule and adds a new objective to the deal, seeing as how he practically owns Legion in the trade. The new parameters call for two Waywards and the Anti-Christ, Damian, assassinated in two hours. They are to be found in a hedonistic, carnage casino in Los Angeles. Dante offers them a short route there through an anomaly portal created by the falling of Angels.

With little time and the uncertainty the portal won't kill them, Father and Gemini trust in Legion to not only save Gemini's life by honoring the deal, but even saving the world from the Anti-Christ himself; the President of the United States!

Submitted: December 12, 2018
Last Updated: June 17, 2019
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The Writer: J. Quinzelle

J. Quinzelle takes the familiar and breathes new life into it. Even if it drives them both a little mad. J. started his interests in writing very young, crafting short stories and poetry. Teachers would praise his writing, although J. never took it to heart. Later in adolescence, struggling with severe depression, J. lost interest in writing and lead a turbulent lifestyle for several years. It wasn't until his discovery of a love for film, in which J. seemed to take identity. J.'s first attempts at film were heavily acting based, focused primarily on theater acting. But J. loves film more than theater, and that reflected in his pursuit of film classes in college. There, J. wore every hat... Go to bio

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