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An imagined version of a famous actress helps a man cope with what could have been a major tragedy.

When a man's child is kidnapped by his ex-wife, he retreats to his job and his hobby of writing fiction on auto-pilot. His sister takes his writing and makes a podcast that becomes successful enough that she tours with the podcast and records before live studio audiences pre-broadcast. Casting ideas were originally Rebel Wilson as Meg, Joshua Clarke as John, etc, etc.

Each of the trailers are based on things the main actor/figment would never perform in personally.

As noted in Creative Notes, the story could easily include a lead such as James Franco, Tom Cruise, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Smith....any notable celebrity with a base following that would allow their body of work to provide for the comedy and action of the story mixed with key moments in cinema to tell the story of the protagonist (here as John, but could easily be female as Joan) as they struggle with the PTSD of the aftermath of their child being kidnapped and the legal ramifications of their lives changing so suddenly to be a single parent with the other parent being in prison. For instance, with a young female lead, "Everything's Better with Steve C" could be about Steve Carell and have ongoing references to his past roles that are clear parody. Or movies he would never do, actors he might never work with, movies that make no sense to put him in. With references to his not being Stephen Colbert or not being in the movie Office Space taking the place of some of the gags here. The idea is to create an action adventure comedy of errors with thrilling, fun moments.

The scenes are big, bold and colorful to reflect the different moods and places the mind goes in coping with trauma.

NOTE: The contact information is alias and no longer valid on this page. It was last used in 2015 when this draft was finished. The real contact information is only via this amazon account. Gracias.

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The Writer: John Lawson

I am a filmmaker in North Carolina who has been writing movies since the 1990s. I started out as an actor (very young) and currently work with a producing partner and my sister as the people most likely to help me keep making movies. As long as I can make them, I will keep writing them. It's a lot of fun. I guess at some point, I should add up how many scripts I have currently and add that information here. Go to bio

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