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Adam Miller is an advertising executive whose life is falling apart. Until he finds the town of Sunset, which brings him an eerie peace and a difficult decision.

One day, caught in traffic, Adam Miller decides to take an exit and just drive. He comes to the town of Sunset. Peaceful, tranquil, and all that he needs. Unfortunately for Adam, it also isn't real.

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The Writer: Scott Nelson

Award winning writer of features and shorts. Work is sometimes a bit edgy and often has a twist. I believe that good screenplays make us deal with hard issues, and changes us for the better.

Looking for vehicles to connect with other writers and producers. Currently working as a technology analyst, so I especially like looking at the impact technology has on society. Also interested in general in using stories to talk about issues with Society, and helping to effect positive change.  

Heavily influenced by Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison and Phillip K. Dick. 

Currently, have seven shorts in production, and would love to work on some more.

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